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Friday, June 29, 2007 

Cuban Linx 6-29-07

-Don't you wish all rappers would be nice like King Koopa and make their single available on the net for $free.99? [Ultimate Victory E-Card]

-Video: 6th Sense - I Wanna Tell Ya [GooTube]

-The misadventures of Lauryn Hill: Concert-goers are dishing that L'Boogie's recent show was so flawed that she even tripped and fell on her face at some point. smh. [Vibe]

-I don't always have the strength (or time) to call out shark bloggers, but this guy takes swaggerjacking to the next level. [Young N Nosey]

-Barry Obama digs Jay-Z and Beyonce. Who woulda thunk it. [About]


Thursday, June 28, 2007 

Video: EPMD Freestyle (DJ Scratch & Prem' on the 1's + 2's)

"We'll be re-united and it feels so good."



Young Americans Lean Left

According to a poll conducted by MTV, CBS, and the New York Times, youth support in the next presidential election is split almost evenly between Barack Obama (18%) and Hillary Clinton(17%).
If the election were held today, a majority of 17 to 29-year-olds (54 percent) say they'd vote for the Democratic candidate, while 32 percent would vote Republican. (Source)
Not so fast. What liberal pundits forget to tell you is that, young Americans are not as interested in politics as they make it seem. How else do you explain the 45% of the polled who said they were uninterested in any of the candidates? That's higher than all the people who indicated support for Clinton, Obama, Giuliani, Thompson, and Romney combined.

Understandably, young people don't trust the political landscape, and it'll take more than some exciting statistics to win over their trust and solidarity.



Cuban Linx: 6-28-07

::Andre expands his hustle with a new musical compilation from his show, "Class of 3000."

-Curtis breaks the south's winning streak on the cover of XXL. [NahRight]

-Top 5 indigenous emcees. [Street Census]

-Sample and Example: Common and James Brown. [Hip-Hop Is Read]

-Lil Weezy gets a reality check. Gotta love the producer's shameless concession: "We're using Lil Wayne's popularity to create a buzz." [DefSounds]


Wednesday, June 27, 2007 

And the Summer Jam of '07 Award Goes to...

Coming from a guy who never really understood the whole anti-big-forehead campaign, take this with a large grain of salt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm aware that Rihanna's vocal range is ridiculously shallow, but that's all "Umbrella" needed--for Rih to remain in her comfort zone. Minimalist pop music at its best. I don't need these pop crooners getting all melismatic in my ear all the time. Sometimes, less is more.

For his part, Hov does nothing to add or detract from this track. In fact, whenever "Umbrella" comes on, I usually forget that he had anything to do with it until I'm painfully reminded by that uninspired verse of his. Still, the man deserves some points on effort, if only for his ability to bob and weave on an instro that's neither hip-hop nor R&B. I wouldn't go as far as saying that he's presence was irrelevant, seeing as "Umbrella" and its gajillions of remixes helped land Rih-Rih her best first week figures. Ever.

Maybe it's the fact that she's finally embraced her weaknesses as a vocalist by redirecting her energy elsewhere to melody and warmth.

Either way, "Umb-a-rella" reigns.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007 

Video: Kanye West - Stronger

Nice shades.

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Pharoahe Monch - Interview

So my lazy ass finally put down the damn PS 2 and picked up the pen and whipped up that Monchichi interview.

Was he really signed to Shady Records? Is L'Boogie on the new album? Where does he stand on the Indy vs Major debate? Faroe Monk has the answers. Dig in.



Cuban Linx: 6-26-07

::GFK's reaction after Gabe briefed him that
Fishscale and More Fish have sold fewer than 10k copies collectively. (Photo:

-100+ photos from Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. [Prefix Mag]

-T.I. vs. T.I.P. vs. TSS: Act 1 - The boy who would be King. [Smoking Section]

-A rare Q & A with the ever evasive Black Thought. []

-Suge Knight and P Diddy share couch, the world stops breathing. [Eurweb]

-Yao Ming ready to tie the knot. Meanwhile, Rockets welcome their new coach with an exlcusive party at Harlem Knights. I keed, I keed. [HC]



Pharoahe Monch Contest

Who wants an autographed copy of Desire?

The good folks at Cornerstone Promotions have hooked us up with three signed copies of Pharoahe Monch's new album, Desire (in stores today), as well as free copies of the limited edition Gun Draws newspaper (see pic above).

Take your best shot at these Monch chi chi-related questions for a chance to win:

1) In a bid to capture a Rocky Balboa raw feel for his album, Pharoahe Monch recorded the bulk of Internal Affairs in:

a) a low-budget studio
b) a closet
c) a boxing ring
d) a dressing room

2) How many songs did Pharoahe Monch ghostwrite on Diddy's Press Play?

You know the drill, send your answers to therapup at gmail dot com.

Update: Contest is over. Thanks for playing.

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Monday, June 25, 2007 

Cuban Linx: 6-25-07

::Weezy dishes on Tha Carter III leak, upcoming projects, being America's Greatest Rapper, etc.

-What if artists could sue music critics for negative reviews? [Guardian]

-A thorough review of Power 106's annual summer concert, featuring Game, Ludacris, Lil' Wayne, Mims, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. [OCRegister]

-Top 10 Biting MCs of All Time. [StreetCensus]

-50 Cent goes to court for baby mama drama hearing. [JamShowbiz]

-Mad Rumors: Game dissess Mims; Weezy gets Superhead. [HHNLive]

-Larry Johnson's secret relationship with Jay-Z? [Bossip]

-Foxy Brown mugged by a pimp, weave still in place. [HHC]


Friday, June 22, 2007 

Carter vs. Carter?

Rap music is something ain't it
The way these pictures is painted
You swear these n***as was dangerous
The gangsta sh*t they be saying
Lock em up in the booth with a half an ounce of that cannabis
Sit back, and watch the outlandish sh*t they portraying
But, soon as you see 'em they freeze up like in museums
Them statues, you like "Is that the dude that said he was gonna—"(sound effect)
N***as be running before you finish the sentence
And then they back to reefin' when they off to the safe distance
You like, "you was just here, but you disappear like magicians in thin air"
I'm like, "Damn n***a please keep it consistent"
I hear you baiting me lately
I've been doing my best just to stay hater-free
Still, watch what you say to me
Sooner or later, I'll take you up on your offer
And put you all in your place
Like I'm replacing your father
You talking to the author, the architect of The Blueprint
My DNA in your music
M****f***a you stupid



T.I. + Jay-Z - Watch What You Say

T.I. feat. Jay-Z - Watch What You Say

The song is called "Watch What You Say," so in the spirit of sticking to themes, Hov seized the opportunity to put loud-mouth adversaries in their place. Absolutely one of the best post-retirement verses from the 2007 Camel Cameo King.

Oh yeah, let's add Tip to the long list of rappers who've been murdered on their own tracks by Jay.

(Shout out to whoever ripped it from

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Video: Common & Dwele - The People

Sorry Rizoh, I had to do it first.... ;-D
And for the record, I'll probably be buying both a vinyl and CD version of this album. It just seems like it's gonna be THAT good....

- Ivan

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Thursday, June 21, 2007 

Cuban Linx 6-21-07

Photo of the year?

-10 Reasons why Busta Rhymes is depressed. [Street Census]

-Hurricane Ivan has a blog. [Hip-Hop Is Read]

-Video Interview: DJ Premier & Big Shug. [HHC]

-50 puts his weight up in Righteous Kill, a movie featuring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. 50 is expected to play a drug dealer in the movie, even though he originally signed on to play a 5-0. [NY Daily News]

-Lil Kim grinds on Young Buck at a concert. [CL]

-Young Buck rails against Khaled for refusing to play his records. [HHC]

-"Dances from the Hood" debuts with Tweetie. [Prohiphop]

-Rapping about Physics is just as boring as it sounds. [GooTube]

-Huey: "Nelly can kiss my ass" [Def Sounds]

-Will someone please send me a Joost invite? I'll trade you a couple Huey CDs.



Shots Fired: KRS-One vs. Jeff Chang

Like he usually does to music journalists every couple of months, KRS-One took some shots at Jeff Chang. Jeff responds like the educated scholar he is. Reading the Teacha's rant constantly reminded me of his feud with Adisa Banjoko.

Seriously though, someone needs to put that KRS/Adisa soundbite on a rap record (as an intro): "What I wanna do is jump over this table and whip your f***in ass, that's what I wanna do." Classic.
  • KRS-One gripes about Can't Stop Won't Stop. []
  • Jeff Chang responds to KRS-One [CSWS]

(Thanks, Q)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 

Video: Amanda Diva - 40 MCs

She heard someone say femcees were going into extinction, so she decided to prove 'em wrong.

Amanda Diva's Filling the Void drops on October 23rd.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007 

107 Reasons to Add Trae to Your Playlist

Reason #19: see above

A friend once told me that he hadn't heard enough from Trae to decide whether or not he's worth checking for. So I've strewn together a buncha new songs from the self-proclaimed Asshole by Nature for your listening pleasure. Some of these tracks are also featured on his second Rap-A-Lot album, Life Goes On, due out someday.

>>Smile (LP Version) ft. Jadakiss & Styles P
As I mentioned in my Life Goes On preview, this is an update from the previously leaked version. Jada's verse is a welcome addition to an already exceptional track. I have a feeling this will end up on everyone's Best Of- list for '07.

>>Bartender (Freestyle)
I don't really care for the real "Bartender," but I guess it's traditional to freejack popular songs these days to prove your versatility. Sounds like something he wrote after a long night out at HK.

>>Throwaway ft. Yung Joc (shhh) and Gorilla Zoe
Anyone who manages to squeeze a decent verse out of Yung Joc (twice!) is alright in my book. This one's also an album cut.

>>Rock 'n' Roll (ft. Nirvana)
Well, he jacked Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for this one. Not exactly what you'd expect from Trae. You're gonna love it.

>>Swang (Remix) ft. Jim Jones & H-Town All-Stars
Trae called up his all-star friends--Bun B, Slim Thug, Pimp C, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and Jim Jones--to appease those folks who felt defrauded when they realized that the version of "Swang" they fell in love with didn't was missing from Restless. I'm not sure why Chamillionaire is not on this remiix (beef?). And Jimmy might as well migrate to the south. We've got rebates on used kufis down here.

Download these and 11 more tracks here: Trae Mix

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Jay Has a Flavor

The latest video from Jay Smooth's new vlog Cam would be so proud.



Cuban Linx: 6-19-07

::Jay and Bey to spend their summer vacation at a nude beach for retirees.
(via JustJared)
[Warning!! Don't Click on the image!!!]

-Boo Boo only made $100 mill from Glaceau deal. Meanwhile, Riz still lives in a 2-bedroom apartment... [HHC]

-Speaking of which, Fif's baby mama wants her share of the deal. [Page Six]

-Video: Folks have been asking me about Ear Drum a lot lately. Kweli breaks it down with Pete Rosenberg of Hot 97. [GooTube]

-Soundblast: Lil Wayne - "Microphone Fiend" [Thug Online]

-It's that time of the year. Peep Oh Word's Mid-Year Report for some goodness. [Oh Word]

-Kobe still mad at the Lakers. [ESPN]

-Stop the rumors. Buck Marley didn't diss his boss. And Cassie's still a Bad Boy...ehh Girl. [Ballerstatus, Sandra Rose]

-Randy Exclusive on "Making the Band 4" [Writers Block]

-Shout out to Eskay for putting me on to Primo's Podcast. And, shout out to Primo for still reppin' the Houston Rockets. [Live From HeadQcourterz]


Monday, June 18, 2007 

Chamillionaire ft. Slick Rick - Hip-Hop Police

"Not a Criminal" didn't connect with his audience, so Chamillionaire did the smart thing. Reset his campaign, recruited certified hit-machine JR Rotem, and unleashed a new lead single. This time, he also hooked up with one of the greatest storytellers of all time, MC Ricky D himself.

Sounds like "Ridin' Pt. II," but it's definitely an upgrade from "Not a Criminal."

Ultimate Victory in stores September 18. Mixtape Messiah 3 drops July 18.

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Cuban Linx: 6-18-07

::Game and Young Buck performing at the same 107.9 FM Birthday Bash where YB supposedly made nice with JT.

-Boots Riley's afro and sideburns saved the day. [Hiphopcrack]

-Lil Weezyianna to pull her pants up or pay $500. [Complex]

-Must-read of the Day: Deep Cover - Headshots. [Format Mag]

-Fellas, Jill Scott is back on the market. [Black Voices]

-DMC: "Barack will fix everything, but I'm going with Clinton because it's gangsta." [HH4P]

-One of my favorite people in hip-hop media has divorced blogging to marry vlogging. His new site is now open for business. [Illdoctrine]

-Top 10 Diss Songs of the 2000s. [Street Census]



Back Like Brya Miles

Eh, not exactly the type of pun I was going for, but you get my drift.

I was slightly nervous about turning T.R.U. over to a 'Pacavellian like Ivan. Turns out the kid's bloggage is more serious than a heart attack.

Anyhow, I'll catch up with you folks after I swim through my sea of 3000+ emails...


PS: R.I.P. Stack Bundles


Sunday, June 17, 2007 

Today in Hip-Hop: June 17th

- On this day in 1965, the Beatles began to record the track ‘Michelle’ for their album ‘Rubber Soul.’ The song was later sampled for Doug E. Fresh’s classic cut ‘The Show’ as well as for Wyclef Jean’s ‘Gone Till November’ featuring Canibus and R. Kelly.

- On this day in 1972, Bobby Womack’s single ‘Woman’s Gotta Have It’ shot to the top of Billboard’s R&B singles chart. The song would later be sampled for both 50 Cent (on the track ‘What If’) and fellow Unit member Lloyd Banks (on the track ‘Anotha Dolla’).

- On this day in 1973, Leathaface a.k.a. Silent Killer a.k.a. the Grandaddy of the Midwest a.k.a. Krayzie Bone was born. Happy birthday Thug!

- On this day in 1994, O.J. Simpson led a car chase in his white Ford Bronco. It would later be thoroughly mentioned by various emcees. PMD spit: “Set the pace like O.J. in the Bronco chase.” U-God: “The rap O.J., in the dusty Bronco/ Bang on my chest like the King of Kongo.” Cassidy: “Hop out the Bronco, I’ll O.J. ‘em when I see ‘em.” Pusha T of the Clipse: “In Virginia, we smirked at that Simpson trial/ Yeah, I guess the chase was wild.” One more (I don’t wanna take up too much space) by Rampage: “I’m in the Bronco with O.J.” Respect to anyone who can find more chase-specific O.J. mentions in a hip-hop song... ;-D

- On this day in 1997, Capone-N-Noreaga dropped the street classic ‘The War Report’ featuring production by board legends Marley Marl, DJ Clark Kent & Lord Finesse, among others. One of the albums highlights was the Mobb Deep-backed vehement cross-coast diss track titled “L.A. L.A.”

- On this day in 2003, Daniel Dumille, best known as MF DOOM, released ‘Take Me to Your Leader’, the first of his albums under the alias “King Geedorah.”

- On this day in 2004, the Wu-Tang Clan released ‘Disciples…Chapter 1’, a recording of their set at the Rock the Bells concert in 2004. The Clan will meet again to Rock the Bells once more this summer.

- On this day in 2006, Chamillionaire’s single ‘Ridin’’ dropped off from its number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 after staying up there for two weeks. The track featured Bone Thug’s own Krayzie Bone who, as stated above, celebrates his birthday on the same day.

- Ivan; check the original article at Hip-Hop Is Read

Rizoh returns tomorrow...



Shots Fired: Young Buck vs G-Unit?

I won't believe it 'til I see or hear it, but here's the original source:

Bump Magazine

Rizoh returns tomorrow...

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Saturday, June 16, 2007 

Saigon Signs With Violator Management

From his myspace blog:

First things first, I wanna put shit in its proper perspective ...Just Blaze is not only my friend and my producer...But he is a GREAT example of a black man..I know alot of people hear his name and his music and assume that Blaze means he must smoke some POWERFUL shit before he goes into make a beat but your talking about a man who never smoked weed in his life...He has never drank alcohol in his life. he has extensive morals and is VERY family oriented.. If I had a child and were looking for someone to set an example of what it means to be a stand up guy, I couldnt think of anyone better than Justin Smith aka Just Blaze to do so....I know yall see the back and forth shit between us and I admit I was stupid for my part in it...But its like 2 brothers fighting in the street when they couldve went inside the house and shot 5 in their bedroom...You will NEVER see that again so I hope you enjoyed it...I love Just Blaze to death and I will bleed or make someone else bleed for that dude...Not because he makes good beats or he produced my album, but because he has a big heart...Im cool with his Mom, Brother and Auntie (who is super cool).... And since I was dumb enough to engage in this online public fued..Im man enough to use the same forum to apologize to him for not just calling him and expressing whatever I felt was wrong..If you read this my Nigga, I apologize..Real spit...U my nigga..

Now on to the point of this Blog....With my now VERY public discontent with not the label, but MY personal sitiuation at the label, I figured I needed to get some BIG guns to help my sitiuation.. Im sure there will be more understanding now hahaha...

I remember when I first came out of prison my friend Che Johnson brought me to meet Chris Lighty and I was in awe just to be meeting someone so powerful in the music business..(plus Im a huge Jungle Brothers and Tribe Called Quest fan so I was extra hype)....I dont even know if he remembers this but he was telling me how his client N.O.R.E lived right down the street from him or something to that effect...I was so intrigued by all the platinum plaques on the walls I was only half paying attention, mind you I was about 2 weeks out from doing a very loooooooooooong time in prison...My point is, I never in my life thought this guy would be managing my career one day....Yes its officially official..I am now managed by Violator and the stakes are higher than ever...Its a problem, TRUST.....God works in mysterious ways but he works..hahahaha..Im very proud to be a part of such a prestigous comany who has put in so much work in the business...Not only has Violator stood the test of time, they also are innovating the wave of the future so as we say in hood "Im good Money"......Ive pretty much been managing myself this whole time (6 years) and already in this short time (a week), Ive already seen a world of difference...Thank You Laurie Dobbins for the insight you have already given me ...Lets make some more history...Thank You Theo (my high powered attorney haahaha) for the plug in....Thank You Chris for the opportunity, I know youre a busy busy man.....Prieciate it Homie..Lets make it....All hate is welcomed..Thanks....

From now on, any interview or show request please contact gotta love it......

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 2 days...

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Friday, June 15, 2007 

Freebie Friday: TRU's Summer Soundtrack 2007

zShare Link

Megaupload Link

Sendspace Link


Rizoh returns in 3 days...

P.S. 4...told y'all... ;-D

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Thursday, June 14, 2007 

Video: T.I. vs. T.I.P.

T.I. vs T.I.P. coming soon

EDIT: I was

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 4 days...

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Stack Bundles: They Reminisce Over You

The "Tupacification" begins!

Rest in peace Stack!

- Ivan

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Soundbites: Freeway/Jay-Z + Rihanna (TB Remix) + WC/Game

Freeway & Jay-Z - Big Spender

Rihanna & Jay-Z - Umbrella (Travis Barker "Remix")

WC & The Game - Voodoo (Radio Rip from Power 106)

East Coast + Pop + West Coast = Balance ;-D

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 4 days...

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Cuban Linx: 6/14/2007

::Banned from TV....

- ...and now banned from Myspace!

- Hall & Oates...and hip-hop. His intentions are good, but the "prize" ain't really too least to me.

- Get ready: It's gonna be a Stones Throw summer.

- McCain vs. Hillary: The beef is on... well, pork to be exact.

- Bush gets his watch stolen. Fronts like it never happened. ;-D

- Amy Winehouse keeps it gully.

- Pull up your pants or pay up 5 Benjis.

- Throw your dubs up! The "Villain In Black" turns 38 today. Happy b-day MC Ren! Oh no, I remembered...Ren's a Kelly Park Compton Crip! Correction: Happy C-day MC Ren! Please don't kill me!

- The Spurs win the NBA Finals tonight. (Yeah, I'm calling it)

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 4 days...



TRU Exclusive: Biggie - Party & Bullsh*t '07

Produced by yours truly:

- Enjoy


Wednesday, June 13, 2007 

Cover Art: Common - Finding Forever


- Ivan

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Audio: Saigon / T.I. + Eminem (Snippet)

Saigon & Tre Williams - What A Life

T.I. & Eminem - Touchdown (Snippet)

Check out some more of this week's new music right here, courtesy of Shorty.

Enjoy and discuss!

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 5 days...

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Today in Hip-Hop: June 13th

This one's only for the heads. Enjoy the first installment:

- On this day in 1981, Rick James' smash hit 'Give it 2 Me Baby' topped Billboard's R&B Singles chart. It stayed up there for the following four weeks. It would later become a key sample for hip-hop tracks such as Jay-Z's 'I Just Wanna Love U', MC Hammer's 'Let's Get it Started' & DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's 'All That'.

- On this day in 1988, hip-hop/r&b/soul group Guy released their eponymous debut record. The album featured the single 'Teddy's Jam' which was later sampled by the Bomb Squad for Public Enemy's classic track 'Fight the Power'. The song 'Piece of My Love' was also chopped up for Cali's own Ice Cube on his track 'Turn Off the Radio'.

- On this day in 1992, R. Kelly's single 'Honey Love' reached #1 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list. The track was also featured on the hood-flick-classic Menace II Society.

- On this day in 1995, the track 'So Many Tears' from 2pac's classic album Me Against the World was released. 'Hard to Imagine' and 'If I Die 2nite' were the single's B-sides.

- On this day in 1999, the realms of hip-hop and wrestling collided: Master P took it to the ring and made his wrestling debut.

- On this day in 2000, Slum Village released their second album Fantastic, Vol. II. Rest in peace Dilla! By mere coincidence, future collaborator Madlib released his alter ego Quasimoto's debut album The Unseen on the very same day.

- Also on this day in 2000, Memphis, Tennessee's own Three 6 Mafia released their fourth album When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1. A triumph for southern hip-hop, it not only earned Three 6 Mafia their first platinum plaque, it became the first platinum hip-hop album out of Memphis.

- On this day in 2006, Aftermath Entertainment released Busta Rhymes' The Big Bang. Meaning what? Aftermath hasn't dropped anything over the course of the past of yet at least...

- Researched and compiled by ya boy Ivan; check the original article at Hip-Hop Is Read

Rizoh returns in 5 days...


Tuesday, June 12, 2007 

Go Spurs Go!!!

Told ya so!

- Ivan


Videos: Guru + Common / Young Buck + Latoiya

Guru + Common - 'State of Clarity'

Off the fourth installment of Guru's renowned Jazzmatazz series, this collabo track has been in my heavy rotation for a while and should be in yours. The video to match is superb to say the least. A throwback to the good ol' days, it's unreal: cartoons never looked and sounded so grimy.

Enjoy (and just be yourself)!

EDIT: The video utilizes various clips from Robert Crumb's 'Fritz the Cat' (Big ups to our pal James for the find! ;-P)

Next up we've got:

Young Buck + Latoiya Williams - 'U Ain't Goin' Nowhere'

Sure it's a pretty weak track, but hey, I gotta keep things balanced, right? At least you can get to see Buck Marley dancing by the sea..... (pause)... You might wanna crawl back up to that Guru vid.

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 6 days...

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Cuban Linx: 6/12/2007

DJ Khaled's new album We The Best hits stores today.

- As reported earlier, Rayquon Elliott a.k.a. Stack Bundles was shot and killed by a currently anonymous chain-snatcher. Rest in peace. S-s-s-s-Squad Up!

- Lupe Fiasco's response to Stack's untimely death.

- The internet will overtake television news within 5 years. Proof? The Rap Up.

- Reason #272396 the United States military has gone too far.

- The Teacha aims to take back hip-hop: one step at a time. KRS to launch his own TV station.

- Soul legend Etta James does her thing on Tavis Smiley. Video link should come soon... ;-D

- Shocking news (pun intended): Denver Nuggets' Dermarr Johnson nearly gets Rodney'd.

- Ben Gay and Icy Hot can KILL YOU!

- Timbaland pops in and out of a German jail cell. Timbo: "It's just the 'Way I Are'".

- If you haven't already signed up to Stones Throw's podcast, do so now. Their latest offering features PB Wolf's set on KCRW's Chocolate City, one of my all-time favorite radio shows.

- Paris Hilton: Converts and joins the Nation of Islam. Okay fine, maybe not, (would be funny) but at least she's (pretending to be) trying.

- Let's see Americans try and pull this one off.

- Ivan posts too many news headlines.

- And finally, the Spurs win game 3 in'll see...

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 6 days...


Monday, June 11, 2007 

Calling All Graphic Designers!

The Rap Up is in the process of finishing up a mixtape titled "Summer Soundtrack 2007". Mostly commercial music (Chris Brown, 50 Cent, R. Kelly) with a few "purists" (Kanye, Pharoahe Monch), the mixtape should be released within a few days. All we need is a fresh cover for it, and I'm leaving it up to our beloved readers to give it a go. Send what you got to ivan1087 at gmail dot com

- Ivan



Rest In Peace: Stack Bundles

From SOHH:

While details surrounding the emcee's murder have yet to be revealed, a representative at his label has confirmed his passing with SOHH.

Bundles, who hails from Queens, made a name for himself in New York's mixtape circuit via collaborations with DJ Clue, Fabolous and Joe Budden. After recently signing to Jim Jones' Byrd Gang Records, Bundles has appeared on Jones' third album, Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) and The Dipset Xmas album.

Bundles' untimely death has overwhelmed his friends and fans who have left their heartfelt condolences on his MySpace page.

"R.I.P. my dude. You was going hard, sad to see you got caught up like that," said HOT 16 aka Yung 6. "I always seen the Porsche parked in front of a studio all day, everyday. It made me think I was sleepin on rap. Gone but not forgotten. Much love from the Co-Star Family."

"R.I.P Stack. It's a shame, you were at your peak and look what happens. Still listening to all your mixtapes," posted Straight Out Of Brooklyn.


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Cuban Linx: 6/11/2007

::Today's (repeat) Boondocks clip::

- According to a new study, beer is "good for you"! Alcoholics Anonymous' members list rapidly dwindles within minutes.

- LL Cool J cancels his summer tour plans. Later blames Jay-Z & Def Jam.

- Michael Moore doin' what he does best.

- This one's a few days old: Jay-Z crowned the reigning king of hip-hop by none other than Charlie Murphy! I'm J-Hov', bitch!

-Yet another old one: Andre 3000 will play Sammy Davis Jr. in an upcoming film. If that weren't enough, Damon Dash is said to be the director. Meaning what? Only Biggs & Jigga can save the day!

- Not news: for all my people out there who enjoy reading (or wanna make a nice little hustle, lol), this site (which I recently found out about) is updated frequently with current coupons at Borders book store. Bookmark it! Coupons also work for CDs and DVDs, so even if you're illiterate, you'd be stupid to pass this up.

- Ahem, and finally, the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA Finals.....within 10 days from now...(thought I should clarify that ;-D). Cav fans and stans/Lebron groupies: prove me wrong!

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 7 days...



While Rizoh Is Away, Ivan Will Play

Anybody else disappointed by The Sopranos' last episode?

Anyways, I'll be holding down T.R.U. 'til big homie Rizoh comes back from his well-earned vaca'. Stay tuned...

- Ivan

Rizoh returns in 7 days...

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Sunday, June 10, 2007 

one love

it is with great sappiness that i announce the interim departure of your beloved blogger riz matic from the blogosphere. the time-off, needed to pacify some personal proceedings, is expected to commence on the 10th day of june, in the year of our Lord 2007. i shall return 7 days thereafter (which translates to eternity in blogger terms).

meanwhile, resident TRUbian ivan rott will be on hand to provide you with ample arrest stories and vanity fair cover updates to keep you satiated until i come back like kris styles wearing the 45.

one love,
riz "i need some damn piña colada in my life" matic

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Eve - Here I Am Cover Art

Here she is, y'all.

The last standing femcee in the game. Album is still scheduled to drop on 8-7-07, via whatever label she decides to run with next.

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Ring the Alarm: New Kanye feat. John Mayer!

::Image courtesy of vybrantricky::

He dropped a verse on Def Poetry back in the day. He circulated a snippet to tease us back in 2005.
But now, the track has been released in it's entirety. 'Ye is officially 3 for 3 as is T.R.U. for keeping their ears to the streets (well, in this case, the internet). ;-D

Enjoy and discuss!

- Ivan

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Saturday, June 09, 2007 

Soundbites: Soulbrotha + Havoc + Benzino

Soulbrotha ft. RUKUS - "Circus"
The first of many installments of Beat Jakkaz/T.R.U. Exclusives.

Havoc - "I'm the Boss"
I know, I know...So what if I'm one of those "I can't stand P, but Hav's cool" types?

Benzino - "Back on My Grizzy"
For fans of senior citizen rap only. Riz doesn't discriminate.

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Hurry Up! Bidding Ends Soon!!!

Waste some money on a rubber band!

Bid is currently over $400!

How odd would it be if T.I.P. won this auction?

- Ivan

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Big Sty Doesn't Care About Asians

They say when you advertise power, you're probably substituting for the lack of it. In Big Sty's case, I'd say it's just a reflection of the harsh realities we live in, as you're not very likely to meet an Asian chick that'll let you put a leash on her neck.

(You know if this was a 50 Cent album cover, he'd be on CNN right now defending the "harsh realities" and the "artistic" nature of his work.)

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Friday, June 08, 2007 

100% Diss, No Additives

Picking the most scathing diss songs of the last three decades is no easy task. After drawing swords and fighting over inclusions and rankings for days, QSM and da Rizzness finally reached a reasonable compromise. Head over to Street Census to see if your favorite battle tracks made the cut.

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Free Paris!

If Paris had some street cred (collab'ing with Joey Crack doesn't equate street cred), I would've asked, "Who'd you snitch on to come home?" But since she's a no-talent celebretard, the appropriate question should be, "Who'd you...(um, how do I put this nicely?)...f**k to get out?"

On second thought, none of that would apply (who would really wanna take the risk of contracting herpes?), but folks are speculating that family money did the trick.


Thursday, June 07, 2007 

Gym Class Heroes ft. Guru - Cupid's Chokehold (Remix)

For the uninitiated, Solar is the architect behind Guru's post-Premier soundscape. (Haters, sharpen your pitchforks.) I can't say that this remix is more effective than the original, but it definitely adds a fresh perspective to the song.

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Video: Strong Arm Steady f/ Talib Kweli - One Step

"13 and the lil' homie doing what the pimps do/Sweet-talking girls..."

I think Kron's talking about me. Ha! In fact, I've renewed my subscription to Albino Hip-Hop Weekly because of K-Don.

Seriously, the Strong Arm Steady crew--Mitchy Slick, Phil da Agony, and Krondon (Xzibit bounced for some inexplicable reason)--is about to Dipset the entire game. And Kweli...well, he still doesn't know how to waste a verse.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007 

Jigga Man Graces Vanity Fair

President Carter will be featured on 2 of the 20 covers in the upcoming July issue of Vanity Fair.
Shot by Annie Liebovitz, the famed photographer who captured a pose with John Lennon and Yoko Ono mere hours before he was shot and killed, as well as the stirring photo of Tupac in Suge's car in Vegas (okay, fine, maybe that wasn't her), the covers feature Hov's homies, actor George Clooney and R&B songstress Alicia Keys. Also featured are presidential hopeful Barack Obama, presidential nopeful George Bush, and many others.
Who reads Vanity Fair? Nobody! But if you'd like to get educated on matters concerning the state of affairs in Africa, this issue may be the one for you.


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Kanye West - Stronger (CDQ)

::Image courtesy of das-cpt from here::

You asked for it, you got it. Here's the CD quality of Kanye's new banger "Stronger":

Kanye West - Stronger (CDQ)

The homie Rizoh said it best in his previous post: 'Ye is currently 2 for 2.

- Ivan

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Video: Blue Scholars - "Back Home"

Blue Scholars' Bayani, due out June 12 via Rawkus, is shaping up to be this year's sleeper album. Once you get past the Geologic's occasional monotony, you're in for an enjoyable, soul-drenched ride.

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Cuban Linx - 6/6/07

-Avril Lavigne finds a new "Girlfriend" in Lil Mama [HHNLive]

-Joel Ortiz - Freestyle 101 [G4TV]

-R. Kelly flirts his way to No.1 [Billboard]

-Black Album Version 1.5 [33 Jones]

-Enigmatik makes black history everyday, he doesn't need a month [BGDB]

-Video: Skits from Don't Quit Your Day Job [BlackVibes]

-Obama's 'quiet riots' are the best [AOL]


Monday, June 04, 2007 

Video: Akon Keeps It Gully with a Boy

Akon picks on people his own size. Word has it that the kid threw a piece of pretzel at 'Kon, which led to the mandatory crowd-surfing you see in the clip. To paraphrase my friend Joey, it's crazy that he couldn't have done it with his shirt on.

On second thought, this whole thing looks like a stunt. How the hell did Akon's DJ know that he'd be feeling "Lonely" after that incident if it wasn't staged?

Update: This video shows what happened afterwards.

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Houston, Problem Solved

My track-by-track preview of Trae's Life Goes On is now up at

Bottom Line: If you dug Restless, you'll like Life Goes On.

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Video: UGK + OutKast - International Players Anthem

UGK + OutKast = Quit hatin' on the south...

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Cuban Linx 6-4-07

MTV Short Circuitz - Camel Toe vs. Mann Cream

::Nick Cannon wants to help women with their camel toe. A sexy girl has an infection in her Camel Toe and needs some Mann Cream to heal it.

(Audrey Diaz of Wiredset writes some of the best press releases and email titles I've seen in the game so far. If it wasn't for her genius title, I would've never known about this crazy clip.)

-Top 10 Diss Songs of the 1980s. Another Street Census Classic. [SC]

-Little Wayne & The Empire - The Carter 3 Sessions tracklist [NahRight]

-Ian has put together a bunch of new music conveniently on one page. [The Kitchen]

-Fat Joe agrees to talk to po-po about those two Florida murders, receives a pink slip from Cam'ron. [HHNLive, NYT]

-After measuring 'himself' with a ruler, Ludacris discovered that he's got reason to be proud of 'himself.' [Memphis Rap]

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Saturday, June 02, 2007 

Dizzee Rascal ft. UGK - Where The G's

Taken from Dizzee's new album, Maths & English, due out June 4. Which means it won't be available in the U.S. before January 2009.

(Shout out to Adam)

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Kanye West - Stronger

Kanye - Stronger [Ronson's exclusive-(((sive-((sive)) version]

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger [Props to KN]

Word has it that Kanyeezy's also shooting a video for "Stronger," with cameo by French electro/house stalwarts Daft Punk. ("Stronger" samples Daft Punk's 2001 hit "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.")

Like I was telling Renato earlier, I'm diggin' Kayne's new direction. The fact that he's willing to break a magical formula, where others would've milked it, is praiseworthy.

Mr. West is 2 for 2 right now.

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Friday, June 01, 2007 

Freebie Friday: Tiffany Paige - Breakin Boundaries

How about this groovey hip-hop soul compilation from Tiff Paige to jumpstart your weekend? Breakin' Boundaries features production from 9th Wonder, Madlib, and MF Doom.

Tiffany Page - Breaking Boundaries


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