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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 

Karrine Steffans Reads My Blog?

Or why else would her link remain in the top 10 of The Rap Up links month after month? After touring tirelessly to promote her groupie confessions and all, Superhead comes here to chill before finally going to her own site directly from my blog.
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Your boy is back in the H- town after Hurricane Rita chased me down to Nash on some forced vacation shit. I've been hearing that there's two more storms headed towards the gulf coast. (Say it ain't so). I think I chose the wrong city to live in.(j/k)
For obvious reasons Hurricane Rita is not getting as much coverage as Katrina did in the blogosphere. Hell Katrina's coverage was so extensive that even White Supremacists found a way to view nature's course as a fitting war against Black folks. How ignorant?

Move over Kanye
Here's more evidence that racism is alive and well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

A Hurricane Headed My Way?

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Texas will go from housing hurricane victims(we can’t call them refugees) to evacuating its own residents. As would-be Hurricane Rita garners tropical muscles and shows signs of attacking not only Florida(key west) but parts of Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana (again?), Mayor Bill White boasts that Houston is the most prepared city for a natural disaster.

I doubt that we’ll take a big hit down here in the southwest part of H-Town but I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed. Maybe I should re-organize my stuff and place all my valuables in one spot for easy access.

Question of The Day?
Your city is about to experience a major hurricane and a mandatory evacuation has been ordered, what would you be doing 24 hours before the disaster hits?

Saturday, September 17, 2005 

Jay-Z Declares War

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Honeymoon is over

El presidente caliente has vowed to air out all those half-ass new comers taking cheap shots at him. But isn’t Jay-Z’s declaration of war an odd coincidence with Mark Lelinwalla's letter to S.Carter?

Friday, September 16, 2005 

Rappers Describe Common As A Racist Bitch

"Black men walkin with white girls on they arms/I be mad at em, as if I know
they moms"
- Common ("Real People")

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Common has been receiving some hate mixed with harsh criticism for his public disapproval of inter-racial relationships. A trio of pissed off UK rappers have responded to Comm’s comments with a verbal clap. Peep “Dear Common” by Rising Son(remember him?), Yungun, and Doc Brown on the HipHopGame’s UK site.

Question of The Day: Is it racist to have sex with someone outside your race but not date or marry interracially?

Thursday, September 15, 2005 

Ma$e: Man of God or G-Unit Soldier?

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Is Ma$e compatible with G-Unit or is he just another misfit?

Monday, September 12, 2005 

T.R.U. Phat 5 Joints - **Special Edition**

Top 5 Collaborations of 2005
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5. 9th Wonder & Buckshot - Chemistry : This soul-by-the-pound project featuring BCC’s front man and Little Brother producer extraordinaire is definitely an underground favorite.

4. Pete Rock & Edo G - My Own Worst Enemy: School’s in session kids. Blazing beats and scorching rhymes to back it up are exactly what Hip Hop needs at the moment, courtesy these two living legends

3. DangerDoom(MF Doom&Dangermouse) - The Mouse & The Mask: What happens when you place two genre-bending masked geeks in the same room? A masterpiece indeed. Interestingly some Hip Hop fans will get a chance to receive free copies of The Mouse & The Mask this month.
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2. Kanye West & Jon Brion - Late Registration : Jon Brion’s listed here as a collaborator because he adds a refreshing touch of instrumentation and musicianship to Kanye’s already monstrous production. Lyrics-wise, there’s a new and improved KonMan behind the mic.

1. DJ Muggs & GZA - GrandMasters: If you missed Hip Hop’s golden bliss era, then this chess-inspired album is for you. This is the ultimate Wu experience minus RZA beats. However, unlike Guru’s off-radar Premo-less solo joints, Shaolin’s sharpest lyricist still has some hard-hitting beats to spit to. The Grandmasters is defintely a winner.
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Collaborations I'm Looking Forward To:
Cee-Lo & DangerMouse - Gnarls Barkley
Big Gipp & Ali - KinFolk
Ghostface & MF DOOM - TBA

Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Is Katrina A Message From God?

I'm taking a break from blogging about Katrina.........Psyche! But really though, enough of the Bush-bashing and race-cards, let's look at this humongous natural disaster from a fresh perspective.
"Do you think it's spiritual," my boy Lolu asked me recently while we were chopping it down on the Katrina aftermath.
"Hell yeah, it's spiritual," I replied. I wasn't sure exactly why God would choose to flood an entire city and beyond, but my christian faith brings me to assume that such a remarkable, yet targetted disaster must have some divine backing. But why a city like New Orleans that was already in dire need of development and stability prior to Katrina? I'll leave it up to the theologists to figure out why the largest displacement of American citizens since the civil war was the result of a natural disaster. What do you think?
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"Greater divine judgment is coming upon America unless we repent..."

(Hmmm....I wonder if that's why another tropical storm named Orphelia is breeding gradually in the atlantic).

I'll leave you with a controversial joint that sums up the situation courtesy of the hottest site for straight up Hip Hop (FWMJ)

George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People - KO (Beat by Kanye)

Sunday, September 04, 2005 

One More Reason To Buy Late Registration?

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"Kanyeezy you did it again"

It's been barely two weeks since we talked about Kanye West's Time magazine cover. I wonder if the corporate folks are regretful of that cover spot now that he's flagrantly attacked George Bush live on national television(obviously against the desire of the broadcasters).
The predictable backlash to Kanye's factual comments does nothing to change the truth.
Let's hope that Mayor Nagin's outcry will tug at the heart of the powers that be.

*(Best wishes Frank, I hope your grandfather and the rest of your family make it to Houston)

More ways you can assist the victims.

Police looters.....PT 2

Saturday, September 03, 2005 

It's Called Looting If You're Black

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The Rap Up is strictly a Hip Hop blog. So, all things related to Hurricane Katrina belong on the
CBS website and the storm blogs...right? Wrong! Like Hashim wisely points out, it's easier for a Hip Hop fan to become engulfed with music news than pay attention to the all too redundant mainstream news coverage. There's a reason I find it necessary to blog about this hurricane.

Although I might not be physically distressed like the residents of New Orleans and Mississippi, I am much closer to the 20-something thousand victims that have now been relocated to our own Astro Dome here in H-Town. In fact, I had an interesting encounter with a N.O. couple at work today. Apparently, the couple ordered the wrong items and when my cashier noted the error, the old lady looked up with "grief" embedded on her face and declared:

"I'm sorry, our minds ain't together; we're from New Orleans"

While everyone's busy complaining about the sloppy relief efforts, Jesse Jackson conveniently blames the government's delay on race and class. Make sense, don't it?

Find out how you can assist the Katrina hurricane victims via The Red Cross.

Miles O'Brien has something interesting to say on his Hurricane blog.

What was dumbass Eric Benet thinking when he named his album Hurricane?

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And what do you call this?

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