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Sunday, April 30, 2006 

Lupe Fiasco Interview

Click Clack!
Dude talks about some pretty reasonable stuff. No ego, real average guy.

Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Obie Trice - Second Round's On Me Tracklist

Here's a brand new Obie Trice, paying homage to Big Proof:
Obie Trice ft. Dina Rae - Ride With Me (Proof Tribute)

Obie Trice - Second Round's On Me Preview

01. Open Up / Coming At Ya'
02. Murder City
03. Gonna' Make History - feat. Eminem
04. Secrets - feat. 50 cent
05. I Got Balls
06. So Much To Say
07. Don't Shoot the Messenger! - feat. Eminem
08. Who I Am
09. A Hole In My Heart - feat. Kon Artist of D12
10. Hard Times - feat. Nate Dogg
11. Sting of the Rose - feat. Timbaland
12. Black Boy
13. Talk Dirty - feat. Stat Quo
14. Volume Up
15. The Last Boy Scout - feat. D12
16. I'll Admit / The Bar is Closed

My call on this list? Probably fake, I mean c'mon now, where's "Snitch" and "I've Got A Feeling"?

Friday, April 28, 2006 

Cam'ron's Killa Season - The Worst Movie Ever?

First, I found it hilarious that Cam'ron tried to confuse his fans by packaging his upcoming Killa Season album with a certain bonus DVD, which leaves folks wondering if that bonus DVD is actually the "Killa Season" movie.

Now onto the movie, I haven't seen it yet, but judging by the ongoing feud between what I presume to be Cam himself and Jay-Z fans over the "Killa Season" movie, I think I'd much rather get a foot massage.

Those who've seen "Killa Season" have showered it with all the adulation the stratosphere could muster, words like: " apparently improvised anti-plot that manages to further every dumbshit stereotype about rap music imaginable without much cleverness, Killa Season was generally disappointing."(PitchFork) and "very low key and unprofessional" (CKLHH).

More Cam'ron

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

50 Cent In Bizarro Land

Ever wonder what 50 Cent does when he travels the world? Well, don't be fooled by 50's boast about people showing him infinite love overseas. I mean dude basically ran away after getting punked in Nigeria. Hell, even U.S. fans damn near chased Fiddy off the stage by tossing water bottles at him. And, here's a clip of some drag queen hitting on 50, as Curtis gets into an argument with the show host afterwards.
(Props to Fresh and Eskay)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Gnarles Barkley Tracklist for St. Elsewhere

1. Go-Go Gadget Gospel
2. Crazy
3. St. Elsewhere
4. Gone Daddy Gone
5. Smiley Faces
6. The Boogie Monster
7. Feng Shui
8. Just A Thought
9. Transformer
10. Who Cares?
11. On-Line
12. Necromancing
13. Storm Coming
14. The Last Time

Few bloggers have dismissed this as a gimmick, but isn't that always the case with anything that's out of the box? What I've heard so far(7 tracks) is sweet. I would've posted some snippets but I'm too lazy + I've got interviews to transcribe.
By the way, is anyone else anticipating this? Comments...

Monday, April 24, 2006 

Cuban Linx: 4/25/06

Let me get this straight: Bow Wow Stole a Rhyme from LL, and Romeo Wants to Fight Him?
Michael Jackson Eyes 50 Cent
Has dead prez broken up? M-1 Answers Your Questions in this Interview
The UK's Still 'Crazy' About Gnarles Barkley
Tony Yayo Is For Children
"Why You Ain't Stacking Instead of Tryin' To Be Fly"
The Clipse Embrace Mass Appeal
Nas and T.I. Team Up With Russell Simmons
Swizz Beats Speaks on Eve's Upcoming Album

Sunday, April 23, 2006 

"Laffy Taffy = Bulls**t" - Ghostface

I knew it. Ghost didn't make that "Laffy Taffy" reference on "The Champ" for nothing. Here's a clip of Tony Starks making mince meat of D4L, who absolutely deserve to be made a mince meat out of.

Thursday, April 20, 2006 

"Snitch" Video - Obie Trice ft Akon

Could someone please explain this sh*t to me: How's Akon able to yell "convict" and stamp that slamming cell sound at the beginning of every track he produces for other artists?
Dude from Coach Carter plays Sammie the Bull in the video. Didn't he get arrested for jaywalking awhile ago?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Soundbites: Mobb Deep + Blood Money Tracklist

All eyez are on Mobb Deep right now. Needless to say, Blood Money will make or mar the next generation of G-Uniters. Fingers crossed.

Give It To Me ft. Young Buck
Another joint featuring a 50 Cent-patented chorus? I don't think this would sit well with Mobb's core fans. Then again, G-Unit and Mobb Deep fans are probably the same people.

Blood Money Tracklist

1. Smoke It
2. Put 'Em In Their Place
3. Stole Something (Feat. Lloyd Banks)
4. Creep (Feat. 50 Cent)
5. Speakin So Freely
6. Backstage Pass
7. Give It To Me (Feat. Young Buck)
8. Click Click (Feat. Tony Yayo)
9. Pearly Gates (Feat. 50 Cent)
10. Capital P, Capital H
11. Daydreamin'
12. The Infamous (Feat. 50 Cent)
13. In Love With The Moula
14. It's Alright (Feat. 50 Cent & Mary J. Blige)
15. Have A Party (Feat. 50 Cent & Nate Dogg)
16. Outta Control (Remix) (Feat. 50 Cent)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Dave Chappelle Season 3: The Show Goes On

Dave Chappelle Show without Dave Chappelle?

Call me crazy, but I think this is straight up neo-colonialism disguised as...never mind. Apparently, Dave signed a contract of some sort that's still binding.

Related flick
Watch the episode where Dave considers leaving the show, featuring Big Boi and Nick Cannon.

Saturday, April 15, 2006 

Beef: Babyface Sues Anita Baker

I didn't know R & B acts got down like that. It turns out money stopped streaking in from record sales, and someone needed a quick fix.
Washington Post says:

"The lawsuit claims Baker refused to pay Edmonds producer's royalties equaling at least $100,000 from an estimated more than 500,000 albums sold.

Edmonds, 47, also alleges that he and Baker had an agreement to play four concerts together, but that Baker canceled two shows and refused to pay $150,000 for those dates.

"Artists are used to working with producers, making the albums and doing the paperwork later ... It's always an oral agreement in this business," Edmonds' attorney Howard King said Friday."

A related note of warning to Kanye West

Dear Kanye,
Remember that one track The Game sold to you for $1? Make sure your attorney had you sign on all the signables, or it may materialize into a million dollar record when Fiddy finally blackballs Chuck Taylor (no homeo) and sends him on rap retirement...10 years from now.

your good friend,


Thursday, April 13, 2006 

Soundbites: Shots Fired By Jadakiss & Styles P

Shots Fired - Jadakiss & Styles P

Yeah, I know...we've all been satiated by the flurry of 50 Cent disses firing off left and right. Turns out this is one song that actually deserves to be an official release somewhere. 'Kiss and Styles are at their most pungent when they trade rhymes back and forth like Red & Meth. According to Eskay, this was supposed to be on SP's "Time Is Money."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Remembering Proof

Sometimes I wish for my demise I could kick it with Bugz - Proof ("Kurt Cobain")
For those who weren't fans of Proof but have suddenly jumped on the bandwagon now that he's gone, I've put together a mini playlist in rememberance of D-12's only legitimate wordsmith. Details of Proof's shooting have emerged, and as my hometown newspaper rightly puts it: this affords mudslingers yet another opportunity to blame hip-hop for random violence and senseless, albeit un-related killings.

Turns out dude was a fun guy, he has just finish whooping Twista's ass in the Snoop Dogg-commissioned Hip Hop Gaming League match-up. I was scavenging the site for Proof's freestyle video, since the PR lady deleted my copy from her server (hi Jasmine).

Proof Playlist

What People Do for Money : An older track.

Runnin Yo! Mouth ft T-Flam: Shows off Proof's emceein' acumen.

Ja In A Bra' :Tearing into Ja Rule during the Shady vs Inc debacle.

Clap Wit Me: One of my favorites off Searching for Jerry Garcia.

Forgive Me ft 50 Cent: An old 50 chorus is recycled here. This is vintage Proof otherwise. He pays homage to the D as always.

Slum Elementz ft T3: Proof + T3 = great combination.

I find it strange that Proof was chosen to be in Eminem's "Toy Soldier" music video where he was killed violently. But what's even more bizarre is the fact that he was on some suicidal-ready-to-die Biggie-type shit throughout his album Searching For Jerry Garcia, most notably on "Kurt Cobain." For those who still wonder why Proof died the way he did, go listen to the intro to Searching For Jerry Garcia, then you'll understand.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

R.I.P. Proof

WTF is going on Detroit? This Sh*t is crazy.

Monday, April 10, 2006 

Cuban Linx: Bow Wow to Ciara "Me No Like You No More"

Since when did b.s. like this become front page headline?!!??

On to more relevant news:
Lil Kim Says Inmates Are 'Loving' Her. Really?
Denver Nuggets Guard Shot (damn!)
Jay-Z Announces Nets' Theme Song Winner
What the F**k is Condoleeza Rice Doing on A Piano?
Bubba Sparxxx Interview: Explains Timbaland Split
Eminem: I'm Not Retiring!
LL Cool J Interview (AHH)
Talib Kweli's Latest Blog Entry
L.A. Councilman Offers $50,000 for B.I.G. Leads (Please start snitching)
One of My Favorite Groups, The Roots, Plan Benefit Concert for J Dilla
Scott Storch Launches Storchaveli Records - WTF!
Janet Jackson On Some Anna Nicole Smith Sh*t

Friday, April 07, 2006 

Pimp C on The Cover of Cheddar Magazine

I'm on my Pimp game lately. Pimp C owes Bun a lot for all those shout-outs that paved the way for him to be re-endorsed into the....well maybe he doesn't. But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next UGK album, because despite the extremely late adulation, the UGK of today < href="">Cheddar

Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Wildin' Out: Willie D of The Geto Boys

What's more interesting than Eminem divorcing Kim again, and Suge Knight losing his mind? -This AllHipHop interview with Willie D of the Geto Boys. He talks about his boxing career, and gives detailed analysis of his boxing match with a certain Hip-Hop legend, where he knocked the said legend the f*ck out!

In case you haven't heard, Willie D is currently recording a solo album, No Time To Die, which features his own group, Huntzville. The album will be released on Willie D's Relentless Music imprint. Beware though, if you bootleg his album, Willie D will knock you the f*ck out.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

Cuban Linx for 4-4-06

Former BET host, AJ Colloway, says the music videos he helped promote are hurting our women. Duh.
Is T.I's King really a classic album?
Peep What Dallaspenn Refers to as the Best Music Tribute to Jay Dee
More Anti-piracy Lawsuits in Europe
Culture Clash Episode 709: Pharrell to Work with Velvet Revolver
Prince's whacky album - 3121 - enters Billboard at #1
Find virtually any album art in existence
Gnarles Barkley Has Gone "Crazy"
Does Rap Music Make Kids Have Sex?
Go Cop FishScale. Listen to Ghostface (via Eskay)

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