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Thursday, May 31, 2007 

T.I. vs. T.I.P. Double Cover/Tracklist

[click to enlarge]

Tip better have a magic trick lying around somewhere because that new single with Wyclef doesn't promise much.

T.I. Vs. T.I.P. Official Tracklist
1. Act I (Explicit Album Version) 02:21
2. Big Shit Poppin' (Do It) (Explicit Album Version) 04:47
3. Raw (Explicit Album Version) 03:51
4. You Know What It Is (Explicit Album Version) 04:47
5. Da Dopeman (Explicit Album Version) 05:09
6. Watch What You Say To Me feat. Jay-Z (Explicit Album Version) 04:45
7. Hurt feat. Alpha Mega & Busta Rhymes (Explicit Album Version) 04:50
8. Act II (Explicit Album Version) 01:46
9. Help Is Coming (Explicit Album Version) 04:25
10. My Swag feat. Wyclef Jean (Explicit Album Version) 04:34
11. We Do This (Explicit Album Version)
12. Show It To Me feat. Nelly(Explicit Album Version) 03:18
13. Don't You Wanna Be High (Explicit Album Version) 03:59
14. Touchdown feat. Eminem (Explicit Album Version) 04:42
15. Act III - The Confrontation (Explicit Album Version) 01:46
16. Tell 'Em I Said That (Explicit Album Version) 04:54
17. Respect This Hustle (Explicit Album Version) 04:26
18. My Type (Explicit Album Version) 04:50

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Cuban Linx 5-31-07

::Just Blaze's blog, The Megatrondon, is a doozy.

-You can't keep a good El-P down. [Gainesville]

-Loud Dobbs' media-bias plot exposed. [Radar Online]

-Run's house is going for a mere $5.5 million. Vanessa not included. [Starpulse]

-Kobe Bryant demands a trade. How about one one T-Mac for 2 KBs? [ESPN]

-Em, you ain't caking like that. Michael Jackson, once parodied by Eminem, now owns rights to two of the worst songs in Em's catalog. []

-How much can you afford to lose just to get a piece of Kim K? [Bossip]

-Al Gore's assault on gossip. [Radar]

-Vanilla Ice is still the Bull-riding industry. [Reuters]

-Nephew: "Fat Joe didn't witness double-homicide." [HipHopCrunch]


Wednesday, May 30, 2007 

Talib Kweli - Ear Drum Cover Art

I'll probably receive a slew of death threats from Warner Bros. publicity department for this, but I couldn't resist the urge to share.

Ear Drum arrives July 24th, via Blacksmith/WBR.

(Shout out to Jerrell for the tip-off.)

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Ayo Beanie Sigel

(Spotted via: Sandra Rose)

First you dissed Kanye and Pharrell for their fashion sense. Then you quietly dropped a song titled "Creep Low." Now, you're whispering in another man's ear and kissing him on the neck simultaneously?

What's going on, Beans? I know you just got outta jail and all, but damn...a coming out party for one of Philly's finest (no Mark Foley) can't be that expensive.

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Cuban Linx 5-30-07

Kelly Rowland makes history as the first black female on the cover of King.

-Top 10 best/worst athlete-rappers. [Street Census]

-Speaking of which, that Allen Iverson album has hit the web. [LeakSource]

-Rihanna to help save planet earth. [Yahoo]

-Wreckage from Lindsay Lohan's accident going for a low $20,500. [eBay]

-Boo Boo, you ain't really caking like that. [Prohiphop]

-CBS to buy Rizoh to start a social networking site. [Stuff]



What's Higher Than No.1?

I'm still waiting for folks to label me 'crazy' for ranking The Teacha so high up on my Top 50 List. Everytime I hear him wreck the mic, I forgive him a little for all that crazy cock-diesel sh*t he's been talking lately.

Dude is still the illest freestyle freestyle MC alive...well that's until Nelly un-retires. I keed! I keed!!

See also:
KRS-One - Hip-Hop Lives Freestyle

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Cool Common Collected

Above - Common's music clip for "The Game" featuring an unecessary 2-second cameo by Kayne West; Below - See if you can count how many times Common broke the rules and changed the game.

Cool Common Collected Mixtape
01. Intro
02. Breaker 1/9 (Beatnuts Remix)
03. Soul By The Pound (Thump Mix)
04. Can-I-Bust feat. Ynot
05. Resurrection '95 (Extra P Remix)
06. Resurrection '95 (Large Pro Remix)
07. The Bitch In Yoo
(Original Demo Mix - Previously Unreleased)
08. I've Been Thinking (Latey) feat. Sean Let.
09. Reminding Me (Of Sef) (The Roots Remix)..
10. All Night Long (Brand New Heavies Remix).
11. 1-9-9-9 feat. Sadat X
12. Like They Used To Say
13. Car Horn
14. The Light (Remix For U) feat. Eryka Badu.
15. Tekzilla
16. Geto Heaven (The Sound Of Illadelphia Remix Extended Version)
17. Come Close (Remix) feat. Eryka Badu, Pharrell Williams
18. The Corner (Remix) feat. Scarface & Mos Def

Cool Common Collected: Get it!

(Thanks to D-Cypha for the email)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

Shots Fired: Beanie Sigel vs. Dipset

:Get your wig pushed back by the wig push-backer:

He's been out of the game for a while, but it seems like Sigel's starving for beef. Only 10 days after addressing his "internal issues" ('Ye), Sigel gears up for some real lyrical war. Unfortunately, the target(s) isn't as, shall we say, competent as past rivals the LOX. Nonetheless, the Broad Street Bully is back! Check out this dope new insult-ridden West coast-styled banger. Kurupt must be laughing:

Beanie Sigel - Creep Low

Walk with me on this one: It seems to me like Beans is addressing Jimmy. Agree? Disagree?

(Brought to you by TRU contributing blogger Ivan Rott)

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Monday, May 28, 2007 

Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing Bundle: Video, Mixtape, LV Handbag

  • Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing Mixtape (Mixed by Plain Pat)
  • This mixtape is super-official, some recycled spittery notwithstanding. Enjoy.

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    Thursday, May 24, 2007 

    Fabolous Grants Rizoh's Wish — Collabs with Jay-Z

    Fabolous ft. Jay-Z (and Uncle Murder) - "Brooklyn"
    A couple months ago, when I interviewed Fabolous, I asked him if there was a "Brooklyn" collabo with the big homie on his new album From Nothin' to Somethin'. He said, "I would love that. You oughtta ask him that question too. Of course I would be open to that. I definitely respect Jay's lyricism and what he's done for the game, everything that he's contributed. If the opportunity presents itself, I would love it."

    Well, the rest is between you and Google...

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    Video: Boo Boo on the Black Carpet

    Fif stopped by the black carpet to chop it up with Toure. Gotta love how this clip starts off with 50 reiterating that classic copout--"our lyrics are a reflection of the harsh realities." Aparently, all realities in the black community are harsh realities.

    Also on Smash Tube:
    Eve's "Tambourine" Video

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    Excerpts from T.I.'s XXL Feature

    T.I. talks about his multiple-personality disorder in the new issue of XXL. Apparently, there's Tip--the guy who threatens students at concerts, and there's T.I.--the gentleman who impregnates random women.

    [Click to enlarge]


    Wednesday, May 23, 2007 

    Pics: Eve Tambourine Video Shoot

    Pitbull in a skirt Eve on the set of her new music video for "Tambourine."



    Cuban Linx: 5-23-07

    -FBT Productions and a company named Em2M are suing Aftermath/Interscope over Eminem royalties. [ImediNews]

    -Nipplegate indecency hearing scheduled for September. [Vibe]

    -Apparently CDs are still selling. [Billboard]

    -T.I. returns for his second XXL cover in four months, with T.I.P. in tow. [NahRight]

    -Bloggers, watch what you write about Rush and his wife. They will sue your broke ass for libel. [Prohiphop]

    -Universal-BMG merger almost a done deal. [Time]

    -If you're in Houston this weekend, stop by the Grab on Saturday for Soulbrotha's album release party.



    Shots Fired: The Game vs. Jay-Z

    The Game - My B*tch (prod. by Dr. Dre)

    A can of worms spilled all over the interwebs last night, revealing a bunch of Doctor's Advocate 'throwaways' (unreleased gems would be more apropos) produced by Dr. Dre. On this here, one of the previously unreleaked joints, Game hauls some shrapnel-edged insults at all the people who can murk him businesswise (50 Cent), lyricwise (Jay-Z), and physicalwise (Suge Knight). (I excluded the latter two from this post's title because Game has fired shots at them before.) To the best of my knowledge, this is technically the first official, non-subliminal, full-fledged Jay-Z diss from JT.

    My telepathic sources tell me that Hov is weighing his rebuttal options as we speak--script a Summer Jam Slaughter (starring JT in 'Change of Hearts'); or give him the Cam'ron treatment?

    What would you do if you were in Jay's size 13 S.Dots?

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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007 

    Photo of the Day: Hip-Hop Lives

    I feel like I'm looking at the evolution of hip-hop from left to right:
    Deejayin' ->Emceein' -> Rappin'...what's next?


    "One of these things is not like the others... one of these things just doesn't belong..."

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    Cuban Linx 5-22-07

    ("Roll that sh*t, light that sh*t, smoke it..." - Mr. Mef; words to live by)

    - Who would have thought? M-E-T-H-O-D Man, a.k.a. Mr. "So high that I can kiss the sky" gets busted on drug possession.

    - "I am the Ali...the Marvin Gaye...the Bob Marley..." it continues "...the Martin Luther King...of today." Strong words coming from the "man" who has sex with and urinates on minors.

    - Critically acclaimed (smh) hip-hop duo The Clipse Jive outta their contract.

    - For anyone who is bored enough to read an article about Benzino: at your own risk!

    - Okay, so we've got Bill O'Reilly, Oprah & Winton Marsalis (amongst many, many others)... Who's next? Add Keith Richards to the "I Hate Hip-Hop" list.

    - "Breaking the Band": Somebody's been a very Bad Boy.

    - Now why couldn't this have happened to me?

    (Cuban Linx by: Ivan Rott)


    Sunday, May 20, 2007 

    Video: Common - The Game (Preview/Teaser)

    From the highly-anticipated Finding Forever, a likely "Best of the Year"-caliber album

    (Brought to you by TRU contributing writer "Hurricane" Ivan Rott)


    Saturday, May 19, 2007 

    Shots Fired: Beanie Sigel vs. Kanye West/Pharrell

    I have a lot of respect for Beans as a lyricist, but someone please find out what he's on.

    Charge 1 - Calling out non-battle rappers is not cool.
    Charge 2 - Attacking producers who laced you with some of your hottest tracks is not cool.
    Charge 3 - Mudslinging on men who're incredibly more successful than you is not cool.
    Charge 4 - Not paying child support is not cool.
    Charge 5 - Shooting people and going to jail is definitely not cool.

    Besides, when will these salty-ass rappers learn that 'Ye doesn't do beef? Didn't 50 call him homo and soft? Yet he turned around and gave 50 a beat for his new album.

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    Friday, May 18, 2007 

    Freebie Friday: Styles P - The Ghost Sessions

    Styles P - The Ghost Sessions Tracklist
    1.The Hardest
    2. F**k Tha Police
    3. No Remorse (ft. J Hood)
    4. Come ONe, Come All (ft Kool G Rap)
    5. Hold on
    6. Frustration
    7. Pain
    8. The Struggle
    9. Poor Folk (ft Joel Ortiz)
    10. The Lessons
    11. Use Mad Clips (ft Cormega)
    12. Deeper THan Most
    13. S.P. Ghost
    14. Come ONe, Come All (ft Ill Bill)
    15. So Easily

    Get It

    I haven't had time to digest this yet, but I'm aware that P doesn't know how to waste a verse.

    Now go have yourselves a D-Block-filled weekend.

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    Thursday, May 17, 2007 

    Video: Cam'ron Responds to Curtis

    It was only a matter of time before Boo Boo re-ignited some petty beef to promote his new album.

    Curtis caught shittalkeritis again and said something about Cam going in hiding since catching a black eye from Tru Life. As you can see, Cam is undeniably in hiding and obviously has a black eye.

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    What Are You Listening To?

    Just a few albums I care about right now...

    10. DJ Babu - The Beat Tape Vol.1
    9. Shaman Works - Retrospective: Looking Back to Look Forward
    8. DJ Bunty - Hip-Hop Ain't Dead
    7. KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip-Hop Lives
    6. Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth
    5. Wise Intelligent - The Talented Timothy Taylor
    4. DJ Jazzy Jeff - Return of the Magnificent
    3. Blue Scholars - Bayani
    2. Ayatollah - Louder
    1. Wax Taylor - Hope & Sorrow

    What's in your changer right now?



    Amy Winehouse ft. Jay-Z - Rehab (Remix)

    Amy Winehouse ft. Jay-Z & Pharoahe Monch - Rehab (Rmx)
    You know Hov had to listen to Pharoahe's verse to ensure that he doesn't repeat P's crackhead references.

    So, who had the better verse? P or J?

    (Shout out to DJ Tone Capone)



    Video: T.I. - Big Things Poppin'

    Big thangs poppin', and lil' thangs...

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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

    Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass Cover/Tracklist

    Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass Tracklist
    1. Keep Off The Lawn
    2. None Shall Pass
    3. Catacomb Kids
    4. Bring Back Pluto
    5. Fumes
    6. Getaway Car (feat. Cage and Breeze Brewin)
    7. 39 Thieves
    8. The Harbor is Yours
    9. Citronella
    10. Gun For The Whole Family (feat. El-P)
    11. Five Fingers
    12. No City
    13. Dark Heart News (feat. Rob Sonic)
    14. Coffee (feat. John Darnielle)

    Good to see that there are still people who'd rather take the time to create a compelling artwork than pose shirtless on their covers.

    None Shall Pass is due out August 28th, with production from El-P, Blockhead, and Rob Sonic.

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    Video: 50 Cent - Straight to the Bank

    In case you're counting, this is the 3rd video from Curtis. Album is still well over a month ahead.

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    Cuban Linx: 5-16-07

    (More Simpsons celeb-pics at

    -"1-800-Runaway, Ludacris at your service. How may I help you today?" [EarthTimes] expands his hustle. [Yahoo Biz]

    -Even in death, Pac is still signing deals on the daily. [Billboard]

    -Info on Cornell West's new hip-hop album. Yeah, you read that right. [HHC]

    -Miami, stand up! [CNN]

    -Top 10 St. Ides Radio Spots, all of which Q swears I'm too young to remember.
    Warning: You're likely to get shivers from these things. [Street Census]



    Video: 50 Cent - Amusement Park

    Everything you'd expect from a 50 Cent music clip, except "Amusement Park" is an incredibly catchy tune. 50 swears he'll unleash three more clips before the album drops on June 26.

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    Video: KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip-Hop Lives

    There are so many things wrong with Hip-Hop Lives, which arrives next Tuesday (May 22), but it's still one of the most dynamic albums you'll hear all year. And it's much better than his last two albums combined.

    While I still have your attention, do yourself a favor and check out some behind-the-scenes videos on Koch website, where Kris and Marley offer insight on tracks like "Rising to the Top," "All School," and "Kill a Rapper."

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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007 

    Kanyeezy - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Full)

    Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
    Is that Jeezy in the background?

    (Props to DJ Raida)

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    Video: Pharoahe Monch - Body Baby

    Who else you know with three hot videos, zero audience,and still inked to a major? Seriously though, there's no way Pharoahe has been eating off cereal and ghostwriting checks from Diddy for the past six years. I'm gonna double-check with my peeps in Queens to see if he's been "Pushin'" coke all along.

    This has been another SmashTube presentation.

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    MochaCity Rundown: Best Week Ever

    Is it just me or does The Game look like Cho Seung-Hui in that mugshot?



    Monday, May 14, 2007 

    Wise Intelligent - I'm Him

    Wise Intelligent - I'm Him
    Taken from Wise Intelligent's ridiculously enjoyable new album,The Talented Timothy Taylor, due out July 17. If you're an 80's baby like me, you probably remember Wise from the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers.

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    Rizoh's Radio...14: Street Cinema

    Trife is on fire. Literally.

    Rizoh's Radio is fresh off hiatus and back by popular demand. Say what you want about the rest of the songs in this installment, but that new Kurupt is as refreshing as it gets. The EP will only be available for 48 hours, so enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. Hood Surgeon - Daddy Was a Doctor (produced by Dr. Dre)
    2. Kurupt - Mystic River (produced by Battlecat)
    3. Papoose & Busta Rhymes - Drop It (producedd by Dr. Dre)
    4. Smitty & Robin Thicke - Died in Your Arms Tonight
    5. Swizz Beatz and Cassidy - Come & Get Me
    6. Trife & Termanology - Trife & T
    (Major props to Ivan)



    Cuban Linx 5-14-07

    ::America's Most Wanted (Rappers).

    -Meet Tyrique "Buckz" Jackson (pictured above). Philly rapper wanted for murder.

    -Sha Money XL makes like Jimmy and goes "Ballin".

    -Mayweather/De La Hoya: Rematch?

    -The Louis Vitton Don is back at it again: "Graduating" this Summer!

    -Only in America: Bowling for Columbine Part Two...

    -Important news for nerds, internet pirates and political radicals. 1984: 23 years late.

    (Today's Cuban Linx was compiled by The Rap Up guest blogger Hurricane Ivan)


    Sunday, May 13, 2007 

    Happy Home-Cooked-Meal Day

    Can you guess which one is the mom?

    Today, I'm exceptionally grateful to my mom for teaching me about justice ("one day you'll have kids and they'll repay you all the hard time you gave me"), logic ("if you fall off that table and break your legs, you're not going to church with me"), and protocol ("if you're going to kill each other, please do it outside. I just finished cleaning the living room").

    Hey, I'm not in the minority here, even the toughest mobster has a soft spot for mom.


    Saturday, May 12, 2007 

    Pics of the Week

    •CNN International gets Bush and Blair mixed up for 12 seconds.
    •Lily Allen likely to face charges for attacking a stalker-azzi .
    •Crazed fan straddles the Purple One before being pulled away by security.


    Friday, May 11, 2007 

    DMX - The Definition of X: Pick of the Litter Tracklist

    Def Jam will release The Definition of X: Pick of the Litter--a collection of X's most ridiculous hits--on June 12.

    DMX - Definition of X: Pick of the Litter Tracklist
    1. Prayer II
    2. Ruff Ryders Anthem
    3. Get At Me Dog
    4. Stop Being Greedy
    5. How's It Going Down
    6. What These Bitches Want
    7. Black Out
    8. What's My Name
    9. Where The Hood At
    10. Party Up
    11. X Gonna Give It To U
    12. It's All Good
    13. Who We Be
    14. The Rain
    15. Here We Go Again
    16. No Love For Me
    17. We Right Here
    18. 1 More Road To Cross
    19. Slippin'
    20. Prayer I

    Somewhat related: A glance at DMX's soundscan numbers over the years reveals an interesting pattern.
    It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot (1998) - 4.607,812
    Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood (1998) - 3,366,895
    And Then There Was X (1999) - 4,912,860
    The Great Depression (2001) - 1,854,963
    Grand Champ (2003) - 1,192,335
    Year Of The Dog…Again (2006) - 315,878

    You see, the only time X failed to crack platinum (or gold for that matter) was when he took advice from Pastor Ma$e.

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    Thursday, May 10, 2007 

    Cuban Linx 5-10-07

    Today is National Apology Day in the U.S.

    -Akon apologizes for humpty hump flap. [CNN]

    -Rush apologizes for calling Obama a 'mouse'. [About]

    -Master P makes up for years of profiting from 'explicit lyrics' by launching a profanity-free label. [AHH]

    -What does Boo Boo have in common with the Kufi Smacker? [Miss Info]

    -Island Def Jam lays off 40 employees. Nope, Method Man is not one of them. [Billboard]

    -25 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums. (Glad to see ALL my favorites listed.)[Straight Bangin']

    -"Grown and sexy is dead," says Complex magazine fashion editor Kanye West. [Complex]

    -Dipset members deny rumors of Cam'ron and Jim Jones fighting over the last piece of chicken. By the way, Dipset More Than Music...vol 2 is in stores now. [HHDX]


    Wednesday, May 09, 2007 

    The Rap Up Turns 2

    Phew! I can't believe it's been two years since I launched The Rap Up. What started as one man's rant-land has now turned into a hip-hop hive.

    I remember back when I would spend hours updating the blog only to end the day with a total of, say, 50 unique visitors. 850,000 visits and 1.6 million pageviews later, I can't thank those 50 readers enough.

    Shout out to everyone who has ever stopped by or bookmarked T.R.U. Whether you found us through a friend's blogroll or via a Google search for 'Stacy Dash Playboy pics', your visit is appreciated. I'm also enormously grateful to all the bloggers who inspired me to add my voice to the discussion back when hip-hop blogging was the new new--O-Dub, Hashim, Clyde, Ian, Jay Smooth, etc--and all the ones who still inspire me to step my game up everyday (read: almost everyone on my blogroll).

    Now, tell me, how did you first find out about The Rap Up?



    Imus Inspires A Porno Flick

    The latest to jump on the Imus bandwagon is a porno company, which (unsurprisingly) lacks the capacity to distinguish between 'free speech' and ignorance.
    "We see this as a free speech issue. As an adult media company, we're especially defensive of free speech. Don Imus is a loudmouth and perhaps a bigot. However, CBS Radio was hypocritical in hiring Imus to be blunt and outspoken, then firing him for the same reason. Fellow broadcast personalities Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson spew anti-gay slurs, yet they are not fired by their networks."
    They also say that $1 from the sale of each DVD will be donated to (pause) a Don Imus retirement fund. If Imus turns it down (if???), they'll send the money to the United Negro College Fund. Now if the UNCF rejects the money as well, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll promptly reply with my account number.

    Spotted via
    : TMZ
    On the web: (NSFW)



    Cuban Linx 5-9-07

    ::Rob G's "Reppin' My Block" music video.

    -Caught on Tape: T.I. threatens some jerk for throwing water bottles at him. [HHC]

    -That explains why my auto loan is higher than a kite. [Eurweb]

    -Prince is charging 31.21 for tickets because that's the title of his latest album. Don't we all wish he'd name his next album 122? [CNN]

    -Nick Cannon is such a lucky bastard, but how long do these things last? [People]

    -Bow Wow and Omarion are planning a Best of Both Worlds collaboration a la Hov and Kells. [O1LT]


    Tuesday, May 08, 2007 

    KRS-One - Hip-Hop Lives Freestyle

    Even at 62, The Teacha is still showing you how to do this, son. Hip-Hop Lives arrives on May 22nd.

    (Shout to SmashTube)



    The 10 PR Commandments

    I started this list as an idea for The Rap Up but decided there's no fun in tackling it alone. Besides, with more folks on board, you're guaranteed a variety of ideas and suggestions. That said, thanks to all the bloggers and writers who took the time to make this a worthwhile effort.

    Building and nurturing relationships with the press can be time-consuming. If you're a publicist or an artist, I'll recommend that you bookmark these 10 PR Commandments.

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    Cuban Linx 5-8-07

    -Russell Simmons' new book makes NY Times Bestsellers List [AHH]

    -Speaking of which, Rush has endorsed a Democratic candidate for '08. [About]

    -Gwen Stefani will not be inviting Akon to dinner anytime soon. [HHC]

    -Hip-Hop's big time out. Another Format Mag classic. [Format Mag]

    -Forget "Straight to the Bank," 50 takes his straight to the "Amusement Park." [NR]

    -I was ready to sign this petition, then I noticed the part that read: "because she's pretty." [iPetitions]

    -Video: Floyd Mayweather's ring side entrance with 50 Cent. [Different Kitchen]

    -Busta Rhymes wins one in court. [MTV]


    Monday, May 07, 2007 

    Cuban Linx 5-7-07

    ::Tao Beach Club launch, hosted by Billionaire Hov

    -50's mansion up for sale. Looks like Boo Boo is ready to move back to the hood. [Courant]
    -Top 10 R&B Songs That Sampled Hip-Hop Songs [Street Census]
    -Black man, White House. How big a stretch? *Yawn* [Wash Post]
    -Cam'ron kicked out of the crew he started? I guess this is Jimmy's payback for that Rucker Park beatdown that Cam fled from. Jay-Z Curtis wins. [HHC]
    -What do hip-hop and kosher vending have in common? [Earth Times]


    Saturday, May 05, 2007 

    Akon Dropped From Verizon for Humpty Hump Act

    Re-posted for emphasis.

    Akon went and got himself dropped from Verizon, which happens to be my cell phone service provider. Verizon will no longer promote on their cell phone service--ring tones, V-Cast videos, etc. 'Kon also got smacked off the Gwen Stephani tour, of which he was previously billed as the opening act.

    Verizon really didn't want to see Akon "Smack That."
    The communications company scrapped its partnership with the 25-year-old rapper Friday after a video was released that shows him simulating sex onstage with an underage girl during an Apr.12 concert in Trinidad.

    I'm sure Clyde is cooking up a business analysis of this move as we speak, but I'm terribly curious about something else. How can Akon find the motivation to remain a celebrity if everyone keeps castigating him for humping a 14-year old girl that looks like an 18-year old woman? The guy outsold every artist on Universal this quarter, that's the least he could do.

    Source: E!

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    Friday, May 04, 2007 

    Cover Art: Fabolous - From Nothin' to Somethin'

    Fabolous takes the time to remind you that he's rich and you're not. His Def Jam debut, From Nothin' to Somethin', drops on June 12.

    See also:
    Fabolous - From Nothin' to Somethin' Tracklist

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    Thursday, May 03, 2007 

    Jay-Z At 67?

    30 is the new 20, sure. But what would the CEO of hip-hop look like at 67? Someone decided to explore.

    (Spotted via Bossip)

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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007 

    The Return of Killah Priest

    Killah Priest - "Freestyle 101"

    On a related note, Killah's new album The Offering is slated for release on August 24. Nas, Ras Kass, Hell Razah, Immortal Technique, and Canibus all make appearances. Which means you'll need to, in the words of Vik, dust off your dictionary for this one.

    Producers on board for the project include: 4th Disciple, Tek (of Tangled Thoughts), and Sam Sneed.

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    Cuban Linx 5-2-07

    -Poll shows Barry Obama with a statistically insignificant 2-point lead over Hillary. [Rasmussen]

    -Does country music respect women? [Str8 Shots]

    -Your $10 can make a difference in New Orleans. [HHC]

    -Tru Life says he styled on Cam'ron. [Bossip]

    -R.Kelly - "Rise Up" (VA Tech tribute) snippert [mp3]

    -Atlantic somehow managed to give Lupe budget for a 2nd album. [Billboard]

    -R.I.P. Big Hawk [Matt]


    Tuesday, May 01, 2007 

    Big Things Poppin'

    Clifford chillin' on the cover of this week's Billboard mag, Hawaiian shirt and all.

    The big event is his forthcoming entry No. 5 (if you include I'm Serious), T.I. vs. T.I.P. And like my girl Shannon rightly postured, "Big Things Poppin'" is devoid of the excitement that made "What You Know" a ubiquitous hit.

    Agree or Disagree?

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    12 Questions - The May Mayhem Edition

    1. Now that the last 5 issues of XXL have been covered by T.I., Lil Wayne, Young Buck, and Young Jeezy, is it safe to reiterate that hip-hop has permanently relocated to the south?

    2. Whatever happened to that Firm reunion?

    3. Who's likely to get the hip-hop vote in the 08 presidential elections? Kim Kardashian or Coach Stringer?

    4. Is Little Wayne the most overrated rapper ever? Or does that title still belong to Biggie?

    5. If T-Pain were an animal, what would it be?

    6. So, who won that so-called battle between Timbaland and Scott Storch?

    7. With Diddy listed as the only NY "rapper" on the bill for Summer Jam '07 (we all know Mims is from Miami), what does that say about Hot 97?

    8. What comes to mind when you hear the name "Lil' Mama"?

    9. Is Mya a nappy headed ho for doing this video?

    10. Now that Don Imus has forced all sorts of hip-hop town hall meetings, is it safe to call him the most influential hip-hop head of 2007?

    11. Who else got mad at those 'Ban 50' protesters for destroying perfectly good Reeboks?

    12. What was the last CD you bought?

    See also:
    12 Questions - The April Edition



    Video: Consequence - Don't Forget 'Em

    "Don't Forget 'Em" is taken from the potential sleeper of the year, Don't Quit Your Day Job. Now, why Consequence didn't drop this single earlier is beyond me.

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