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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 

Famous Houston Rapper Shot?

This just in....a well-known member of the legendary Screwed Up Click was shot over some bickering with another rapper (usual street sh...t). And for some reason, the media is weary about disclosing the details except that the rapper's doing fine(but we all know who it is). I swear if this is another attempt to hype up an album release as this rapper has an album coming out soon...

Very soon rappers will get tired of shooting themselves in the arm to promote their albums, and eventually upgrade their gimmicks to suicide bombing in order to garner those posthumous platinum plaques that only BIG and 'Pac can boast about.

You say, c'mon Riz, tell me who it is already? I say this is the only clue yo ass is getting (until the rumor's confirmed): he's clearly featured on this S.U.C. picture but not mentioned in the text.

Anyone else heard about this?

Monday, November 28, 2005 

Biggie's Duets Album Is Trash

The Notorious B.I.G. Duets: The Final Chapter

And I never thought I'd say that about The Notorious B.I.G.

Someone please get Puffy a dictionary, because I might be mistaken on the definition of a duet if songs featuring 5-6 artists technically pass as duets.
I don't even know what's more mind-boggling: the album(compilation?) itself or hearing people sing its praise...

This should not even be mentioned in the same breath as "Hip Hop".

Frank White made two valuable chapters of the Hip Hop Bible and if you really wanna honor him, please keep the Lil Wayne's, Dipsets and Nelly's away from his sacred vocals. In fact, let his vocals rest in peace. Even Voletta Wallace, Biggie's mom professed that Diddy only loved BIG after he died, that's saying something duke.

Raping dead artists is a corporate crime which should be made punishable by law.

Friday, November 25, 2005 

Rhymefest Blue Collar Tracklist

Rhymefest is the most entertaining emcee since Ludacris. Although he got his shine by penning the hypocrites' anthem "Jesus Walks" for Mr. Egomaniac, Kanye West, the "wack-tose" intolerant lyricist is now ready to step out of Kanye's shadow and take on the world by his damn self.

Hands up, who else thinks ghostwriting is a no-no in Hip Hop? Thought so.

Blue Collar Tracklist
1. Dynomite
2. Go Out Clothes
3. Chicago Rillas
4. Brand New
5. Get Down
6. Feva
7. Allido
8. All Girls Cheat
9. More
10. Drifter
11. These Days
12. Sister
13. Devil's Pie
14. Build Me Up
15. LSD
16. Tell A Story

Thursday, November 24, 2005 

Remy Ma Giving Away Free Turkeys

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Wow! Who knew that the toughest, most gangsta female in the game had a little soft spot in her heart(if you don't get the sarcasm, then kill yaself).
Terror Squad's first lady Remy Ma is handing out 600 turkeys and 400 hams to those in need this thanksgiving. [According to Beautiful Hustle]. I knew one of these New York hopefuls would do something of that nature this thanksgiving, just didn't know who. Miss Thang's trying to win over a couple of fans just in case the record label ever decides to put out her record for whatsooever reason. Remy is counting her Koch money. (1000 + their family members) x $8...She's hood rich, bitches!

I know one family that won't be eating turkey together this thanksgiving....Not that anyone really gives a 747 flying f..k, but on the latest episode of TV Marriage Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are officially separated. So all you guys fantasizing over Jessica's cleavage, Nick says you can have her now. My guess is that Mr. Boyband left her because of this: yuck

Image hosted by
Jessica: "yay! free at last"

And thanksgiving gift to you freeloaders: my favorite music clip of the moment:

Speaking of Nasty NaS, funk all those links redirecting you to links and scans, someone took his time to clearly type up Nas' Scratch Interview. Recognize.

Monday, November 21, 2005 

The Game Has The Final Word For G-Unit

Stop Snitchin'(120 Bars) - The Game (mp3)

If you thought you heard the last of Game vs 50 then you're dead wrong. Ill go out of my way and say that this is one of the best of Game's 7 million diss songs directed at (surprise,surprise) G-Unit. It's almost like an infatuation now. Don't he got a little boy that he should be babysiting instead of beefing with everyone in the music industry. His infamous black list now includes Eazy-E's son Lil Eazy, whose father he's been obsessed with in the past.

Oh and if you thought, The Game was all about name-calling then wait till you hear this:

"I'm a break it down for emcees and friends, if you don't hear your name,
let the beef begin
Aint got sh** against Hov, I like the nigga style[suspect]
NaS is my nigga I been banging him for a while
I f..k with Fat Joe, he got the street locked
And that's the same reason I f..k with Kiss and D-Block
I place Eminem in the #2 spot
And Snoop's like my big brother, we both raised by the Doc..."

You gotta love the screwed part of the song tho.


Friday, November 18, 2005 

What's Beef?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

F%#K Mos Def and Talib Kweli

oh yeah Jean Grae and Pharoahe Monche too....[no homo]

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Now all you Rap Up fiends know pretty well that I'll never say F..k Kweli under normal circumstances but what prompted this shameless display of haterade is far from normal.

Before I go any further, let me clarify that Jean is the only FeMcee I care about outside of Lauryn and Mystic; Kweli the only MC I've flagrantly defended with the enthusiasm of a G-Unit stan; and Mos the only other 'celebrity' I don't mind being compared to in terms of looks(the other being Taye Diggs as many females have pointed out to me).

Having said that, any event that manages to put these three on the same stage with Pharoahe to complete the magic is a no-brainer.
Awhile ago, I told you about this concert that was set to make a landfall here in the Big H-Town, and even suggested that you fly out of your city and come see these Hip Hop professionals at their best.

Well, I logged into blogger hoping to bring you a synopsis of how it all went down like Lewinsky, how Jean Grae killed the show, how Black Jack Jonhson put peeps to sleep with his rock-rap adventures, and what not.

but when i arrived this famous Houston club last night....

I was greeted at the door by this....

Could this be as a result of Mos Def's exhaustion?
My guess is that they didn't sell enough tickets to pull off the show and Mos and Kweli didn't wanna fly all the way down here just to perform before a crowd of 10. They'd beatbox and rap on the street before they do that.
So on the business side of things, this was necessary. But f...k the business side of things, and f..k Mos and Kwe.

Okay maybe not, but next time keep to your word folks and don't get our hopes high. Now get back in the studio and complete that BlackStar album that i been saving up for.
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Monday, November 14, 2005 

The Boondocks Pt 2

I'll never get used to Regina King's overtly feminine voice as Riley and Huey Freeman but that's not taking away from the dopeness of Adult Swim's late night weed, Boondocks.
One thing seems to baffle me though - their attempt to diffuse usual stereotypes by offering counteractive stereotypes. That's a negative vs negative, two-wrong-can't-make-a-right-situation.

But it works.

As for R.Kelly Goes To Trial, they managed to portray the whole story in a neutral light, not really taking anyone's sides. On one end you've got the staunch activists and racial-card-pulling brothas that would go and cop gazillion copies of anything Kelly drops in order to show their support. On the other, you've got people like Jean Grae who'd rather call a spade a spade.

I like this far.

For those who missed out on the second installment, I got you covered like Geico.
Boondocks - Episode Two.[download]

Sunday, November 13, 2005 

Homeless In America pt. 183 ft. J Swift

Heavy Rotation
Biggie ft Jay-Z - Whatchu Want(mp3) : This joint off his upcoming Duets album will make Biggie smile in his 'sleep', while the rest of the songs will probably give him ulcers.

J Swift of the where-they-be-at classic Rap group The Pharcyde takes one more hit just to shows us first hand that smoking crack and crashing in the streets are the next new trends. I thought he had a family.

You've probably heard of Fiddy Cent, you may have also heard about this movie of his that stormed theaters recently. Well I know some extreme bloggers that will allege that 50 planned this man's death to hype up his movie.

Possibly the best interview I've read all year. GZA one-on-one turned Hip Hop 101.
"Some artists can't even answer why they wrote something. 'Well you know, in the
hood everything's real. Where I'm from if you bout it...' and then the answer
has nothing to do with the question"[via]

In another exciting interview, Rhymefest explains why Juelz Santana needs a Speech therapist.
I thought it was just me.

This Draped Up video ft H-Town All Stars[Z-Ro,Chamillionaire,Aztek,Paul Wall,M....J....,andLil' Flip] proves that Bun B's still the trillest diplomat ever. The only artists Bun is yet to work with are Dre, Snoop, & Em....for obvious reasons.

Unless we see a Hilary vs Condi come 2008, America will never see a female president in this millenium. But why did it take so long to produce Africa's first female president? George Weah's not a happy man right now. He needs to take up a coaching job anyway.

Speaking of women leaders, I don't know that a lady will be president anywhere else soon but we're guaranteed that ladies can now piss standing up just like men using this lady-like device.

We're also certain that more females would follow in the footsteps of this famous songbird and dig the f..k out of their nostrils in public
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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

OutKast Idlewild Photos

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Young Big Boi and Dre: What it do shawty?

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Did U smoke ma weed 'Dre?
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Your eyes make me wanna go "heyyy ya"
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

Sheek Louch Arrested + Jadakiss, Styles Resign

Damn, all these 50 Cent headlines are becoming sickening but there's no doubt that the man is associated with almost all things rap an evil knevil sorta way.

If this latest one is true, then Curtis and his republican fold are really pushing it. First Fiddy forces Jadakiss to quit. Then he pushes back Styles P's album to 2025. With Sheek patiently awaiting his fair share of Mr. Interscope's animosity, Fiddy finally found a way to permanently put a lock on The LOX's career....... by snitching on Sheek Louch.

50 tipped off Police.

The unfortunate result?.....Sheek Louch gets arrested for allegedly harboring a stash and a box full of guns which the cops are yet to find.

At least now we know that Ruff Ryders secretly tried to get 50 to sign Jadakiss to G-Unit. Shameful.

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Now about the Lox's reported resignation from Interscope, I don't see how this is gonna keep Jimmy Iovine's money from stretching like a wagon, but I know one thing fa'sho. Hip Hop fans will once again get to hear that good ol' Yonkers grimy sound on the gazillion mixtapes and zillions more Koch albums that'll follow this Major Label hiatus....without all the unecessary label pressure to make commercial records.

Let the LOX GO!!!!!

Someone holla at Scarface and Z-Ro and tell 'em to include "Snitch Nigga pt 2" on his new album.
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Monday, November 07, 2005 

Kevin Federline + Eminem: Exploting Fatherhood?

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Nothing bugs me worse than people exploiting sensitive topics to make themselves out to be angels before our eyes. Eminem already did....and overdid it with his faux heroic dad tributes to his daughter Hailey[sp]. You'd think that after putting his entire business in our face, Em would find some other ways to exploit the music market. I mean maybe rap about his sleeping pill addiction. Needless to say, Em touches on the topic on his latest offering from his upcoming [yawn..] Curtain Call.

When I'm Gone - Eminem(mp3)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

It's already bad enough that Kevin Federline is making a rap cd...

[Benzino] what's up with these white folks venturing too much into nigga territory these days [/Benzino]

On his leaked single(big deal) "Y'all Aint Ready" off his upcoming The Truth album, Kevin "I'm married to a dress-borrower" Federline reemphasizes the daddy thing making it too obvious that he's got nothing interesting to talk about. I really hope his entire fan base are all daddies.

Y'all Aint Ready - K-Fed?
[Props to Ian for the audio]

Saturday, November 05, 2005 

The Rap Up: Week In Review

So much has gone down like Lewinsky this past week; if you missed anything, allow me to reinitroduce it to you. Why else d'you think we call it The Rap Up?

Here's a break down of notable events in the last one - two weeks:

Image hosted by
50 Cent thinks Kanye West is a moron for speaking up against Bush? I know Fiddy's got serious childhood problems traumatizing him and stuff but damn.

After denying the rumors of an eminent collaboration, el presidente Jay-Z and NaS finally did what BIG and 'Pac never had the chance to do.
Powerhouse Footage [via Nah Right]

Fresh off the reliable rumor mill, Jay-Z to buy The Source Magazine?
XXL-bred Harris Publication is also interested in the deal. Picture Source and XXL enjoying a brother-sister relationship a la Vibe and Spin. Unfathomable.

Image hosted by
So, Cam'ron arranged for some unemployed crackhead to shoot him in the arm just to build up anticipation for his album and movie? (I blame 50 Cent for this bs).

There's no way The Game's arrest could have been a hoax to hype up The Doctor's Advocate.

Image hosted by
But isn't is suspect that Wikipedia defined G-Unot as some kind of movement initiated by Game?

Image hosted by
Young Jeezy 's popular brand Snowman's getting a bad rap. In fact the guy who makes snowman didn't even know that the symbol represents, um, da snowman

And, un-rap-related, MC Hammer has decided to put his entire music catalog on ebay complete with his parachute pants.

The first woman to lie in state at Capitol is none other than the great ROSA PARKS. R.I.P

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

November Album Releases

I promised y'all a monthly list of new releases. Well, I'm doing this on the assumption that some of us still make the occasional trip to the record store, right?
Here's November's update.....(bold italicized means I have certain amount of interest in the album).

2Pac / Live My Life [Import]
Apathy / Where’s Your Album
AZ / AWOL(Version 1.5)
Big Boi Presents: Purple Ribbon All Stars / Got Purp Vol 2
Black Mafia / Mac Dre Presents: Tha Family Reunion
Eightball / Almost Famous

Image hosted by

Floetry / Flo'ology

Fort Minor / The Rising Tied
Jamie Foxx / Unpredictable
Jin The Emcee / The Emcees Properganda
Juelz Santana / What The Game's Been Missing
Kem / Album II
Mac Dre / 23109 Exhibition of Speed

Image hosted by

O.C. / Smoke & Mirrors [Import]

Pharrell / In My Mind
Public Enemy / New Whirl Odor
Redman / Red Gone Wild
Showbiz(DITC) / Street Talk
Speech / Vagabond
Supastition / Chain Letters

Talib Kweli / Right About Now

Tha Dogg Pound / Dillinger & Young Gotti Vol. 2: Tha Saga Continues
The Notorious B.I.G. / Duets: The Final Chapter
The Roots / Home Grown! Guide to Understanding The Roots
Various Artists / Get Rich or Die Tryin' Motion Picture Soundtrack

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

Ron Isley Sings IRS Blues

"Get their first check then IRS show up"

Even though this legal battle isn't based on Ron Isley's first check, IRS is at his door with a sledgehammer ready to bring down the heat on his shiny forehead. After all, Jermaine Dupri isn't the only rapper flirting with tax evasion. Ron's case is quite peculiar (no thanks to his personal snitch).
Is this just another case of ignorance? Someone please send Ron a copy of Sheek Louch's After Taxes and glue it to his afro gel closet to remind him daily.

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