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Monday, August 22, 2005 

Kanye West - Late Registration Preview

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Peep the KonMan on the most recent issue of Time Magazine as they rightfully attribute the success ofHip Hop's backpack-mainstream connection to Mr. West(amongst others).
His upcoming Late Registration album is obviously one of the most anticipated albums of 2005, so what better way to add fuel to the fire than to have Hov get at the corporate guys at Time.

After reading Oliver's nail-on-the-head review of Late Registration, and listening to the retail version a front to back, I've decided to mail out my own little review to Houston's alternative newspaper. We'll see how that works out.

By the way, if you've ever been disgusted by Kanye's egomaniac attitude, here's more servings of the same thing, as he loses it completely on 93.5. This video has been making rounds on the internet but it's equally hilarious.

Thursday, August 18, 2005 

Godwon Vs Aztek...Part 2(Video Inside)

Godwon, the self-proclaimed Houston's best kept secret continues to air out Jay-Z's new signee Aztek. Watch the 'Assault on Video' and let me know if it's worth the energy exerted on the footage.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 


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For those who can't get enough of the adamantly ubiquitous Curtis Jackson, his Piggy Bank video hauls a bulky insult at anti-50 MC's ranging from the obvious to Cassidy and Shyne.
Speaking of insult, the latest solo release from the G-Unit camp does just that to the art form of Hip Hop. Much like the ridiculing of NaS in the Piggy Bank video, Tony Yayo's Thoughts of A Predicate Felon falls flat on its face in an attempt to garner mass appeal.
Now here's the good news for G-Unit fans, they've decided to sell 50's quite predictable book From Pieces to Weight at a 50% discount rate (in order to make up for their latest mediocre release?). Before you get carried away by the hype, read the Excerpts From 50's Book and save your $25!

Question of The Day:
Who grinds harder in the music industry - the artists or label execs?

Sunday, August 14, 2005 

Mailbox Terror

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Going to the mailbox is becoming more nightmarish and less rewarding for a Hip Hop fan like me. Why? Well, blame it on magazine subscriptions. Once a month, there's likely to be yet another Interscope artist on the cover of XXL(the only Rap magazine I receive in the mail) giving me that fake, cold stare. First they humped G-Unit's dick non-stop, next they decided to kiss up to Interscope in general.(That's right guys, the Jadakiss, and The Game issues were all for publicity and sales).

Before I make like Buckshot and say Fuck XXL!, let me remind you of the first and second episodes signaling the death of my one time favorite mag. Unlike Buckshot, I definitely don't see any good in The Source either. But, like Rakim said "competition is none" when it comes to 'real' Hip Hop reporting. Neither YN nor Dave Mays gives a 747 flying fuck about honest, unprejudiced journalism. It was all good back when the beef between both magazines was spinning full circle. Such tension helped them both tighten up their belts, and I enjoyed the outcome while it lasted.

Until I find another Hip Hop journal worthy of my $12 a year, it's ....saying goodbye,saying goodbye to XXL.

Link of The Day:
Do yourself a favor and read this excellent article on how Hip Hop Aides Africa in the Worst Way.

In this journey, you're the journal, I'm the journalist /

Am I eternal, or an eternalist

-Rakim ("Follow the Leader")

Friday, August 12, 2005 

Weekend News & Free Mixtapes

They say "excuses are like assholes; everybody's got one". Well, here's my excuse for not updating the blog for days: I've been doing more offline writing partly because O-Dub put me on blast while responding to my questions on "How To Be A Music Writer". Good thing I'm not familiar with writer's block, I've only heard of it. Rather I experience the opposite. What's that called? Writer's rush?

Now that NaS has declared his love for Jay-Z, I wonder what message boards would argue about next? Speaking of NaS, I find the album title NASDAQ DOW Jones a bit repugnant. He should consider naming his album "Nastalgia" instead.

Supastition - Beginner's Luck >> Ian from A Different Kitchen describes him as a less manic Canibus. You be the judge.

Custom Made - Sin City2: Street Cinema >> This L.A. collective returns with an intense mixtape sprinkled with precisely-picked bi-coastal beats. It's not the best release from Custom Made, but the opulence of succinct rhymes makes it a must-have for the die-hard Left Coast audience.

Monday, August 08, 2005 

Phat 5 Joints of The Week(08-08-05)

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#5. MC Burial(Don't Body Yaself) - NaS: This aint no "Ether" as Oliver Wang points out. But isn't it myopic to compare all diss records to "Ether"?

#4. Top 5 (Dead or Alive) - The Emcee : The resigned rap rookie Jin returns under the moniker The Emcee with a tribute to the MC's before him. And for the Jin fanatics out there, he's also followed up this joint with another "Open Invitation", a blatant diss to Jermain Dupri and SunNY.

#3. Playa's Play - Kool G. Rap: Durability seems to be the most challenging feat in Hip Hop today, yet, all-time veteran G.Rap effortlessly achieves relevance by flourishing his flow without losing integrity.

#2. Goldigger - Kanye West - This summer smash signals Kanye's simplistic yet catchy songwriting style. What a great way to feed the ballyhoo for Late Registration slated for an August 23rd release.

#1. Sofa King - DangerDoom: The gender-bending duo of MF Doom and DangerMouse have blessed the music world once again, this time as a collective aptly named DangerDoom. "Sofa King" is off the critically acclaimed Adult Swim-themed album The Mouse and The Mask.
DangerMouse is also working on another collaboration album(Gnarls Barkley) with the soul machine himself, Cee-Lo.

Saturday, August 06, 2005 

Cookies and Cream

Joy Donnell's sexy blog makes you wonder why great bloggers are never appreciated.

Speaking of appreciation, am I the only one surprised that Common's critically acclaimed BE album is yet to reach the million records sold mark? Maybe this interesting article about Common's Peaceful Journey will help some of us see the man's vision more clearly.

This will possibly make Hip Hop headline news once everyone finds out:
Common's fellow Chicagoan, Kanye West has made history...again. The KonMan has enlisted the lyrcial services of Roc-A-Fella's former nemesis NaS on his upcoming Late Registration album.
I can already see Jay-Z frowning as he cuts a check for the man who officially ethered him in 2001. The song entiltled "We Major" is one of many collabos on Kanye's sophomore album, including a solo performance by Common.

And, on the dark side of things, this soulful brother's experience makes you thankful for the absence of serial bombers here in the United States.

Thursday, August 04, 2005 

Guess Who's Back

The past 8 days felt like 8 months for obvious reasons: I've lived without the internet since my last update. And, if you're a net-addict like yours truly, then you understand. On to the good stuff, the nightmare is over now. I've finally achieved one of my chief objectives for '05 - moved into my own 'un-shared' apartment.
Now, me and my woman can walk about the house like Adam and Eve (as they say).

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