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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Lord Jamar - The 5% Album

1. Intro
2. Original Man ft Raekwon & Kasim Allah (produced by Preservation)
3. The Sun (Produced by Lord Jamar)
4. Freedom Interlude ft. Poppa Wu
5. Supreme Mathematics
6. Revolution
7. Same Ol' Girl ft. Prodigal Sunn (produced by Bronze Nazareth)
8. I.S.L.A.M.
9. Young Godz ft. Young Justice(GZA's son), Young Dirty(ODB's son) & Young Lord J(Lord Jamar's son). - not really feeling this one.
10. Advance The Game
11. The Corner, The Streets ft. Grand Puba of Brand Nubian
12. Deep Space ft. The RZA
13. Givin' Up
14. Freedom
15.The Greatest Story Never Told
16.Supreme Mathematics (alternative version)

This is going to be an "Album of the Year" contender when it's all said and done. I don't care what your religious affiliation is, you'll walk away enriched after one listen. Go to Lord J's website and stream the album if you're still clobbering in doubts. The Myspace site also lets you download one of the best songs on the album,"The Sun."


Cuban Linx: Proof Murder Update

Proof's Shooting Ruled Justified
Hottest Black Couple My Ass
The Game Wants Label Deal with Interscope
Gnarls Barkley Delete #1 Single

Monday, May 29, 2006 

Video: Deuce ft. Big Hawk - Don't Tread (Theme Song for U.S. World Cup team)

Why would you even wanna watch TV?


Houston! You've Got 2 Problems

You've been warned, tickets will sell out! (

Do it for Big Hawk (Flagrantly jacked from Matt's blog)

Your boy has just been initiated into the realest hip-hop cult, so, might as well give a throwed shout-out to H-Town first.
Its' going to be an intense week; Hawk's tribute concert on the 2nd, and then one of my favorite groups of all time, The Roots, on the 3rd.


Cuban Linx: R.I.P. Desmond Dekker

Teenager Shot at Barbeque Party Attended by Lloyd Banks
A Rare Verse from Jay-Z? Really?
Foxy Brown Back in Court
Sway's Hip-Hop Owners Manual
Michael Jackson Visits Tokyo Orphanage
Janet Jackson: The Film Made Me Fat
New Nike Shoes Talk to iPods
R.I.P. Desmond Dekker
Bizarre's Wife Shot?
Queen Latifah in New AIDS Flick
And the #1 Hip-Hop Magazine is...

Saturday, May 27, 2006 

Beef: Ice Cube Vs. Oprah



New BlackMen Cover: Hoopz

It appears Flavor Flav's former squeeze, Hoopz, is still desperately riding the wave of popularity to its fullest. I'm not sure if beautiful (albeit talent-less?) chicks like Hoops and Karrine Steffans realize how ephemeral this spotlight thing really is. I wonder if she'll attempt to use superficial stunts like these to lunge into something a lil' more substantial, because "they" will snatch this shit from under her feet faster than she could say Flava Flav, unless she goes all Nicole Narrain on us and makes a porn vid with T.I.

More Hoopz BM Pix

Friday, May 26, 2006 

Cuban Linx: The Roots, Kanye West, Obie Trice

"Cry Now"
Brand new Obie Trice from 2nd Round's on Me:
(not as bad as it sounds)

Did Another Rapper Just Shoot Himself to Sell Records?
Judge Says Biggie's Family Deceived Court
The Man With More Votes Than Any President
Immigration Bill Worse Than You Think
Kanye West Cracks Up the Courtroom During "Stand Up" Trial
Former Source Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jailed
Rasheed Wallace Was Right
The Roots cre Sets Tour/Album Date


DMX Considers Changing His Name

Wow! Has DMX run out of things to consider. I just found out about this move of his, reminiscent of the likes of Ali and Tyson - changing your name for spiritual reasons.

sez MTV:
"It's just the whole Dark Man thing," he continued. "Because if you look at it, from a spiritual point of view, the Bible teaches us that we can speak things into existence. ... And Dark Man, you know, it may not be the best name for me."

No shit.

Never mind me. Maybe I'm still pissed that I missed out on an opportunity to interview X since he went all Snoop Dogg on London po' po.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 

Ice Cube - Laugh Now Cry Later Tracklist

1. Definition of a West Coast G (Intro) By: Sketch
2. Why We Thugs (Produced By: Scott Storch)
3. Smoke Some Weed (Produced By: Budda)
4. Dimes & Nicks (A Call from Mike Epps)
5. Child Support (Produced By: Teak & Dre)
6. 2 Decades Ago (insert) By: Sketch
7. Doin What It 'Pose 2 Do (Produced By: Emile)
8. Laugh Now, Cry Later (Produced By: Sean C)
9. Stop Snitchin (Produced By: Swizz Beatz)
10. Go to Church (Feat. Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon) (Produced By: Lil Jon)
11. The Nigga Trapp (Produced By: DJ Green Lantern)
12. A History of Violence
13. Growing Up (Produced By: Laylaw & D-mac)
14. Click Clack - Get Back! (Produced By: Emile)
15. The Game Lord (Produced By: Teak & Dre)
16. Chrome and Paint (Feat. WC) (Produced By: Budda)
17. Steal The Show (Produced By: Scott Storch)
18. You Gotta Lotta That (Feat. Snoop Dogg) (Produced By: Lil Jon)
19. Spittin Pollaseeds (Feat. WC & Kokane) (Produced By: Laylaw & D-Mac)
20. Holla at Cha Boy (Produced By: Lil Jon)

Evidently, Ice Cube is still fluent in the edgy rhetoric of hip-hop, but, those who still envision him as a grouchy gangsta running around with an oozy on every track are wayyy behind the curve.


Kanye West + T.I. + Paul Wall + GLC - Drive Slow Video

YouTube, we know you do.
I haven't checked this out enough times to actually form an opinion on it, but, I have to say that the theatrics at the end is throwed.

Saturday, May 20, 2006 

Cuban Linx

Wu-Tang, Mos Def Lead "Rock the Bells" Concert
A Review of The Roots Radio City Performance with Nas, Common, etc
MIA Denied Entry Into the U.S.
Learn How To Make Gold Teeth
25 Best Music Websites (Congrats O-dub!)
Is Hip-Hop Responsible for Violence? 600+ Fans Polled
Mutulu Shakur to Release CD on 2Pac's 35th Birthday

Friday, May 19, 2006 

Is Stephin Meritt Really Racist?

via NYTimes (© Kate Lacey)

I still don't know how to digest this: Stephin Meritt, a New York rockist, caught some serious flack because of his musical taste? Sasha Frere Jones dubbed Meritt a racist for his preference of nothing but "white" music/artists and distaste for African-American artists.

In case you're still clueless on the debate, Sasha Jones points to Stephin Meritt's article for Time Out New York, where he was asked to pick the best song from each year from 1900 - 1999. Predictably, Meritt's list was overwhelmingly white, with only 11 black folks credited including Public Enemy's "911 Is a Joke." Meritt would then claim that he actually over-represented blacks on his list in Meritt's interview with Thomas Bartlett. Does this make him racist? I don't think anyone ever sees themselves as racists (except of course, you're a gold member of the KKK).

Regardless of where you stand on this debate, though, most people's musical taste is often a reflection of underlying social ideoologies and beliefs which may include some stereotypical views. It's always been my observation that some white folks would throw in a random well-known hip-hop artist and round it off with "I like rap" when asked about their musical preferences, as a way of saying "Hey, I'm not racist."

Does Meritt deserve to be castrated for breaking out of that naive mold, and declaring his clearly prejudiced preference for white artists?

I think there's a delicate line between honest opinion and unrestrained bias here. A very, very intricate issue, if you ask me. It's only a matter of time before someone makes the comparison to Prussian Blue.

Thursday, May 18, 2006 

Soundbites: Pimp C + Brooke Valentine, Lauryn Hill + Method Man

Pimp C + Brooke Valentine - Dope Girl
With Pimp's album nearing its release date, it's only right that he got down on his grizzy like this. But, is this what we did all that "Free Pimp C" chant for? And, sorry Pimp, Brooke is not the Princess of the South. Hillary Duff is still around...just kidding y'all. A few cats that check The Rap Up actually know where I live, and banana peels in my driveway is never a good thing.

Method Man + Lauryn Hill - Things They Say
You can shit on Lauryn's MTV Unplugged disc all you want, but, guess what? It's slowly becoming one of the most sampled hip-hop CD's in history (even though I'm aware that EPMD's first LP is a hot contender for that title as well). This is Method Man's 'hate' letter to mudslingers, and you'd swear L'Boogie was in the studio with him on this one.

Cut Chemist - The Garden (whatchu mean you don't remember 'em?! Jurassic 5...hello?)
DJ Khaled ft. Jadakiss & Beanie Sigel - It's A Problem (warning: DJ shamelessly promotes his album halfway into the track!)

Monday, May 15, 2006 

Dreddy Kruger Interview: Talks About Cuban Linx 2

Dreddy Kruger Interview

So far, 5 people have dubbed this the best of interview of the year. I don't know what
they're talking about, but it's a must-read if you're wondering what's up with the Wu.

Saturday, May 13, 2006 

Cuban Linx

Star threatens to "R.Kelly" Envy's 4-year old daughter
Star Offers An Apology Through His Lawyer
Star Gets Arrested By NYPD
Oprah Winfrey Responds To 50 Cent
Most Hip-Hop Fans Would Bring This Rapper Back to Life
D-12 Records New Album Without Proof
Controversies Surround Chris Daughtry's Idol Exit and Comeback
Universal Fined $12 Million for Payola

Friday, May 12, 2006 

Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang Tracklist/Album Cover

1. "Get You Some" (featuring Q-Tip & Marsha of Floetry) (prd. Dr. Dre)
2. "Your Time Has Come" (prd Dr. Dre)
3. "I’ll Hurt You" (featuring Eminem) (prd. Scott Storch)
4. "Touch It" (prd. Swizz Beatz) - 3:38
5. "Imagine" (featuring Dr. Dre & Chauncey Black) (prd. Dr. Dre & Denaun Porter)
6. "They Out to Get Me" (featuring Denaun Porter) (prd. Denaun Porter)
7. "Money Like Back in the Days" (featuring Raekwon) (prd. Erick Sermon)
8. "This Is How We Do It Over Here" (featuring Missy Elliott) (prd. Dr. Dre)
9. "Where’s Your Money" (featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard) (prd. Dr. Dre)
10. "Don’t Get Carried Away" (featuring Nas) (prd. Dr. Dre)
11. "In the Ghetto" (featuring Rick James) (prd. Green Lantern)
12. "Get Down" (prd. Timbaland)
13. "Don’t Try to Fight It" (featuring Mariah Carey) (prd. Rick Rock)
14. I Love My Bitch" (featuring Kelis) & (prd. - 3:46
15. "You Can’t Hold the Torch" (featuring Q-Tip) (prd. J Dilla)
16. "New York Shit" (featuring Swizz Beatz) (prd. DJ Scratch)
17. ▪ "Touch It (Remix)" (featuring Mary J. Blige, Rah Digga, Lloyd Banks, Missy Elliott, Papoose, & DMX)


Monday, May 08, 2006 

Ice T's Rap School

(photo via dlisted)

The original O.G., Ice T, has joined the reality TV bandwagon. Mr. Coco will be teaching kids how to bust rhymes on VH1. The students will then be put to test via series of auditions, recordings, studio sessions, and a final exam which entails opening for Public Enemy live. At least, VH1's latest blaxploitation effort doesn't involve fugly chicks spitting on each other's breasts.

Thursday, May 04, 2006 

Cuban Linx

Penelope Jones - Miss Me With That Foolishness
T.I.'s Personal Assistant Killed in Cincinnati Shootout...(more senseless hip-hop killings)
Daz Feeling So So Gangsta
Police Clueless on Big Hawk's Murder
Hyphy energy drink? Stop that joke!

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