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Friday, June 30, 2006 

Soundbites: The Roots ft. Peedi Peedi - Long Time

The Roots ft. Peedi Peedi - Long Time
(Album: Game Theory)

I remember hearing this for the first time (around the first week of June) and going "Who the hell is the guy rhyming after Black Thought?" I meant that in a good way. You'd be gassed to think that I don't know what Peedi sounds like by now. The thing is, much of what I've heard from dude is average, so, I never really understood what the hype was all about. Apparently, Peedi realized that he had to bring his A-game to reduce the possibility of being left in the dust by you know who.

From the unnerving organ arrangement to the ethereal bassline, this one's a perfect soul stirrer. 9.5/10


Vibe Magazine Sold, Key Editors Fired

Mimi Valdes, ousted Vibe E-in-C

This just in...
After more than a year on the block, urban music and fashion monthly
Vibe is said to have found a buyer. Sources familiar with the deal say Keith Glen Media, the parent company of progressive fashion and culture monthly BlackBook, is expected to take over Vibe magazine, women¹s quarterly Vibe Vixen and Vibe¹s Internet, television and mobile offerings. Keith Glen Media is led by CEO Eric Gertler and president Ari Horowitz.

The strategy behind the acquisition is to step up the Vibe brand, according to a source familiar with the deal. The deal would marry Black Book¹s fashion forward approach with Vibe¹s urban music and culture content and provide significant investment to grow Vibe's global and online properties.
So, that explains the random firing squad that transpired earlier in the week. Thanks to Bitter Vibes and my AOL gang, word has it that Mimi Valdes (Editor-in-Chief), Erik Parker and other big enchiladas have been kicked out of Vibe, with Vice President Kenard Gibbs expected to resign next week. Allegedly, Vibe's circulation and ad pages fell 2.8% and 8.2% respectively. I guess Keith Glen wanted to clean up the house and start on a fresh note. They don't like it unless it's brand new...


Shots Fired: Rick Ross vs. Akon

Rick Ross - Down & Out(Akon diss)
Sounds like someone's starving for attention. I don't know what stirred this lame beef, but, if you're going to battle at all, at least try to 'whip it whip it real good.'


Cuban Linx 6-30-06

DMX Says "Good morning jail" Since No One Bothered to Post Bail
Busta Drops to #5 with only 66,000 Sold this Week
Questions About a Questionable Draft (StraightBangin')
Bow Wow Retires at 19?


Method Man Puts Jay-Z in Check: "Stop Sittin' in the Office"

He won't be the first to complain about Jay's nonchalant attitude towards business. But, with his upcoming album--4:21...The Day After--billed for an August 22nd release, I wonder if Meth isn't "messing up his promotion" by calling out el presidente Hov, albeit on some justified grounds.
"Whatever happened to artist development? They'll take a Ne-Yo, they'll take a Rihanna and develop them. They don't do that with us rappers. You know why? They look at us as fast food."

"I don't have anything against The Roots or Nas. But, there's a lot of hungry muthaf****s out there that deserve those slots. The Roots had a deal, Nas had a deal and still has a deal. Jay, stop sitting in that office, b. Go out there and find those talents. N***as is mad at you, b. Stop signing all these established acts...
Watch Method Man's video interview with Breakdown TV (windows)


Soundbites: OutKast's Idlewild Blues

Big Boi - "Morris Brown"
Andre 3000 - "Idlewild Blues "

I'm no big fan of the do-your-own-thing approach Dre and Big Boi have been adopting lately. But, hey, if it ain't broke... Both tracks complement each other very well. Intentional or not, Dre's influence bears heavy on his partner as you can tell from the retro blues flava of "Morris Brown," which is almost submerged by a marching band. There's really no need to juxtapose or ramble on about whose single is better. Enjoy 'em both.

1. 7.5/10
2. 8/10

Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Cuban Linx 6-29-06: Maann.. Hold Up

"I'm a heavyweight, you n---as is lighter than my complexion," Chris Bridges

DJ Quik Begins 5 Month Sentence
Do We Need More Convictions Like These?
Arrest Warrant Issued for DMX
Gnarls Barkley Reschedule Show to Avoid World Cup Conflict
Is Ludacris Making an Album Full of Disses?
Download Adult Swim's Chocolate EP ft. Mos Def, Vast Aire, MF Doom, etc


An Open Letter to 50 Cent

Dear 50 Cent,
Not only has The Game already massacred you and your brow-plucking corny a--, but, this so-called beef is officially the least interesting thing in hip-hop right now. I'd rather watch The Oprah Winfrey show than desecrate my ears with your speech impediment-laden ghost-written rhymes. Shame on you Curtis for pulling yet another publicity stunt just to keep your name in the press. You almost had me Mr Chicken Little, but, I promise I won't fall for your little stunts again. Now you and your sister Whoo Kid can go back to Lebanon and enjoy your little sleep over with that other Jackson.

Peace, Love and Respect,

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

Soundbites: Brand New Heavies - Get Used to It

I usually leave the soul searching to O-dub, but I'd be selfish not to share this deliciously daft jawn. Get Used to It, recently released on Delicious Vinyl, ranks up with the Brand New Heavies' finest work.
Listen to Brand New Heavies' Get Used to It here

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

2006 BET Awards Photos

Growing up truly must be a beautiful thing. Some of these rappers are finally starting to smile for some reason. Nas is finally crawling out of his shell and attending award shows. Snoop is no longer running off throgh the backstage to avoid po-po. Great call on Harry Bellafonte, it's about damn time. And you say black leadership is currently in extinction?
Full Recap, Winners and Nominees


Cuban Linx 6-27-06: New Jay-Z Album on the Way?


Is Jay-Z Coming Planning a New Album?
2008 Elections: Is Someone Trying to Stop Minority Votes? (via Ian)
Rev Run's Daughter to Pose for Maxim(Flickr Page)
Producer Dallas Austin Facing Drug Trafficking Charges
Playboy Playmate Sues NYC Blogger
The Game Announces Engagement
Busta Rhymes Trashes Ex Girlfriend for Turning Lesbian
Jay-Z Fans Paid $900 for Fake Radio City Tickets


Jay-Z's Radio City Concert Video

Jay-Z and Beyonce's knockout performance of "Can't Knock the Hustle" and the famous "44 Fours" exhibition at Radio City Hall .

More videos:
Feelin' It
Nokia Theater Rehearsals(Straight Bangin')


Foul Shot of the Day: Jamie Foxx Twists out Fantasia

Caption This!

Monday, June 26, 2006 

The Roots - Game Theory Tracklist

The Roots - Game Theory (CD Review)

1. "Dilltastic Vol Won(derful)"
2. "False Media"
3. "Game Theory"
4. "Don't Feel Right"
5. "In The Music"
6. "Take It There"
7. "Baby"
8. "Here I Come"
9. "Long Time"
10. "Livin' In A New World"
11. "Clock With No Hands"
12. "Atonement"
13. "Can't Stop This

Guest Features:
-Peedi Peedi
-Malik B
-Dice Raw

Start saving for this sh*t...those Onion Booty DVDs can wait...



Jay-Z's Radio City Concert in Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don't need a review to tell me that he murdered it. But, damn, this good synopsis of the whole thing made me change my mind.

Sunday, June 25, 2006 

Shots Fired: Ludacris vs. T.I.

Ludacris - War with God (T.I. diss)
Well, I'm not sure whether to call 'beef' or 'battle' on this one. But, this is what I like to hear from Luda. The man has some enormous potential that never translates into a solid album. T.I. may have all the industry clout and sales right now, but, when it comes down to the basics (I aint talking about shooting and stabbing either), Luda has the upper hand.
Listen to the track and let me know if you think this is strong enough to 'ether' the self-proclaimed King.

"I’m universal Luda never limits hisself to the South"

Saturday, June 24, 2006 

The Source Magazine 200th Issue Featuring Ice Cube

-If the year was '98, this Ice Cube impersonation of Suge Knight would still be laughable.
-That said, I think The Source is making giant strides towards recovery path despite all the negative criticism.
-Still, last I checked, Scratch was still running this mag sh*t.
-The sad part is, with all the hullabaloo surrounding Cube's plausible comeback, only JET-- yeah, that Ebony supplemental that's sold separately--opted to show him some cover love.
-On the other hand, Busta Rhymes' rebound clinched him cover spots on all three major hip-hop publications at the drop of a hat.
-Yet, people are running around applauding Busta for selling 216,000 on Interscope?
-You ever wonder if those numbers actually signal a flop in commensuration with the hype and promotion; the BET Rap city hosting opportunities, the plethora of radio sit-ins, that questionable Flipmode News coverage that had Youtubers going nuts, the 291 "Touch It" remixes, not to mention the death of Busta's bodyguard...?
-Something is seriously wrong with this picture.


Reasonable Doubt Video Tribute

I'm on my Youtube sh*t.

Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt concert slated for June 25th (exactly 10 years from the release date) reportedly sold out in 3 minutes. Well, here's a slew of circa RD vids for those of us who'd rather get a toe massage than fork out thousands of dollars for ebay tickets.

Pre-Reasonable Doubt Videos:

Jay-Z - I Can't Get with That
(Doin' the tongue-twist-iggidy thing)

The Originators - The Jaz (The dance at the end is the best part)

Original Flavor - Can I Get Open (Strictly for laughs)

Jaz - Hawaiian Sophie (Nas must have seen this like 200 times)

Reasonable Doubt Videos

Can't Knock the Hustle ft. Mary J. Blige (Before Mary J features became a cliche)

Dead Presidents (Jay-Z and Cristal go Wayyy Back)

Feelin' It (Yet another free ad for Cristal)

Ain't No Nigga (You gotta do the "Dame Dash" this one)

Friend or Foe (Classic Premo sh*t)

Some Notable Post-Reasonable Doubt Videos

Friend or Foe '98 (starring Dame Dash as Jay-Z's butler)

You Must Love Me (The Jay-Z we all love)

Hard Knock Life (The Jay-Z we all miss)

Bonus Cuts:

Jay-Z vs. DMX Freestyle Backstage (The real reason DMX fled from Def Jam)

BET Freestyle w Free & AJ (The diss that ended R.Kelly's career...j/k)

Jay-Z and 50 Cent Reebok Commercial (Jigga just can't resist the tendency to collaborate with potential rivals, can he?)

Jay-Z+Linkin Park - Numb-Core (Even though they tried to sell us the same sh*t twice, "Numb/Encore" was worth the time they wasted on the collabo. I hear you Kanye.)

Jay-Z - What More Can I Say/Fade to Black (If the Nets had this guy as their announcer, they might actually win a game or two.)

Tip: For maximum output, do not play all the videos at the same time

I know someone will have today's RD concert footage somewhere on the internets even before the show gets started. So, holla at me with the update when it goes down like Yung Joc.

Friday, June 23, 2006 

Miami Heat Victory Parade Photos

I was rooting for Mavs but the Heat and their leggings-wearing star player deserve this championship.

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