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Friday, June 22, 2007 

Carter vs. Carter?

Rap music is something ain't it
The way these pictures is painted
You swear these n***as was dangerous
The gangsta sh*t they be saying
Lock em up in the booth with a half an ounce of that cannabis
Sit back, and watch the outlandish sh*t they portraying
But, soon as you see 'em they freeze up like in museums
Them statues, you like "Is that the dude that said he was gonna—"(sound effect)
N***as be running before you finish the sentence
And then they back to reefin' when they off to the safe distance
You like, "you was just here, but you disappear like magicians in thin air"
I'm like, "Damn n***a please keep it consistent"
I hear you baiting me lately
I've been doing my best just to stay hater-free
Still, watch what you say to me
Sooner or later, I'll take you up on your offer
And put you all in your place
Like I'm replacing your father
You talking to the author, the architect of The Blueprint
My DNA in your music
M****f***a you stupid


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