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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 

"It's Official: OutKast Has Broken Up"... Dre Responds

We've been down this road before. C'mon OutKast, please do break up. Put your fans out of their misery, and make hip-hop proud. Sez MTV:
"Yesterday I got a phone call from Big Boi and he said that on some hip-hop Web sites that the headlines were reading something to the effect of, 'It's Official: Outkast Is Broken Up,' or something like that," Andre said. "And man, we're looking at it like, where is this sh-- coming from? I was on 'TRL' today to release a new video, and I meant to say something [about the situation] on the air. But the way they had the questions set up, I didn't have a chance to do it."

Andre says that the rumors are not just on the Internet, but very much in the streets.
"N---as hit me in the street like, 'Yeah man, I heard the bad news. Sorry to hear about that,' " Andre continued. "I'm like 'Man, what are you talking about?' Everything is still tight, most definitely."
Idlewild is their worst release so far, but, I still think OutKast is the most consistent hip-hop duo ever. (Yes, even more consistent than Guru and Preme.) However, these guys just show up to impress these days, which is understandable. I mean, I wouldn't want to mess up my promotion if I had a movie coming out.

Turning down the big 'O'; Shooting separate videos; etc, Maybe the media is scrutinizing these things a little too much. Maybe it's just the way situations present themselves. One thing's for sure, though. There are some underlying factual circumstances wrapped around these rumors. An insider once divulged to me that LaFace wouldn't let them put out solo records, because of the way their contract is set up. But, that's strictly speculation and I'm not buying it. So, if you guys know what's really going on behind the scenes, I'm all ears.

PS: I wonder which of the hip-hop sites had that screaming headline, "It's Official: OutKast has Broken Up"

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