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Thursday, July 14, 2005 

It's A problem

"Yeah you sold more records than me/But in the streets you gon' always be
second to me...//"
Jadakiss(Problem Child)

VIBE Has Done It Again!

After a bitter experience with XXL and The Source, I don't know why I still stare the pages of rap magazines. Ever since I checked out a couple of 'free' issues, VIBE has been sending me tons of subscription requests and discount cards, steadily bumming for my $12 but nah! it aint happenin'. Even if I was the black Bill Gates and had $$ spilling all over my apartment floor, I wouldn't subscribe to the worst so-called mainstream Rap mag out there. Even their sex issue is adulterated, filled with tributes to their most dick-ridden celebs with who else but Jay-Z on top of the list. The article on rappers running their mouth was interesting at first until I scanned through the entire page only to find out that they carefully left out 50's snitch-status.

Murder Ma$e is back?

Psyche! I always thought Pastor Betha would have had a more solid reputation by remaining just that...Pastor Mason Betha. Now he's back polluting the airwaves with his disgusting raps again. But that's not the news...he's cussing...again. Hit up HipHopGame's Audio page to peep his Whisper Song Freestyle. His best career move would be to fire his advisors.

Rizoh's Classic Pick of The Day: Illadelph Halflife - The Roots

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