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Saturday, June 18, 2005 

State of The Arts

Shark Niggas
NaS and Jay-Z have more in common than you can imagine. No, it's not the dimes by their sides(get your mind out of the gutter). They've both passed on the rap baton to two rookies in the game. While NaS has officially extended his lyricist baton to Quan, Jigga seems to have handed his biter's mantle to Houston's own Aztec. Apparently, Hov not only retired from Rap, he's also taking a break from biting rhymes, hence, the new heir Aztec gets a chance to showcase his 'talent'. Unlike Jigga, Tec is not willing to wait till the contract is finalized to start munching off material from other rappers. Ask a bereaved Godwon (also from Houston) whose talent landed Aztec a deal with The Roc. The news has been making rounds that Aztec jacked an entire song originally by Godwon, cut off the 1st verse and laced his own vocals over it with Godwon still on the hook. You'd wish that was all. Aztec reportedly sent out the same song to labels and presto! A major label deal was in place. Visit Godwon's Soundclick Page for a first-hand listen of the controversial record. No wonder he's relatively unheard-of in Houston, a fact he cleverly avoids in this interview with Hip Hop Game.

5 Questions for Jadakiss
1. When will DMX ever consider some kind of therapy to get his shit straight?
2. Why do desperate rappers associate themselves with ear-grabbing news prior to album releases(Cassidy wanted for murder)?
3. After all these years, how come sex still sells?
4. Who is The Game fooling with all that G-Unot foolishness?
5. Where the hell is Rakim?????

In Constant Rotation:
Little Brother - The Chitlin' Circuit 1.5 (props P.F.P.)

Triumph the Comic Insult Dog Vs Michael Jackson's Fans
(A must watch even you don't like Michael Jackson)

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