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Thursday, July 12, 2007 

Rizoh Interviews Mike Jones

I had a brief sit down with Mike Jones at a recent photo shoot, and thought I'd share some of that conversation with you. Now, before you proceed, purge your heart of whatever grudges you may hold against Mr. Jones and his music.. Reserve that for the comment section.

Rizoh: You've set up an email account ( as a way to connect with your fans. How's that going?
Mike Jones: They just saying 'what's up,' [Pulls out a blackberry] This actually how it goes.

Rizoh: You carry that around?
Mike Jones: It's always on me.

Rizoh: What are people asking you?
Mike Jones: Someone just asked me, "Can you help me, Mike Jones? Maybe by me asking help from you gave me goodluck. I've never asked anyone for help in my life." They talk to me and I talk back to 'em. It's good feeling man. I had to erase all of them. Just in a day, I get over 8900.

Rizoh: What's the most interesting thing anyone ever asked?
Mike Jones: Just me being able to uplift their day.

Rizoh: How's this American Dream different from your first album?
Mike Jones: Just the fact that I had more cards to play with. Snoop's on the album, Bun B's on the album, Pimp C, LeToya Lucket, Lil Mo, Trae Songz, Devin the Dude, T-Pain,

Rizoh: What's the common thread between the west coast and the dirty south?
Mike Jones: We all got style, you know. We letting everybody know that we're coming up to unify fronts.

Rizoh: You know you get hated on a lot. Of all the things people complain about Mike Jones, which one bothers you the most?
Mike Jones: People not knowing my mission. Just taking me for granted. People think that I'm just out here just flashing and showing off, when I'm really just trying to help other people and use my money for good. I be flashing to people who don't believe in Mike Jones. But to the true fans, I hold it down for them.

Rizoh: Snoop mentioned tacos in your video. Do you still eat at Taco Bell?
Mike Jones: Ah, you seen the one with Money Stack$? Uh-uh, I ain't never ate there in my life. [Rizoh stands by his statement that Mike used to frequent the Taco Bell at Missouri City]

Rizoh: What's your American Dream?
Mike Jones: My American Dream is being able to help other people live their American Dream, you know what I'm sayin'. It feels good that I'm able to help out other people who're going through stress.

Rizoh: Who was the most fun to work with on this album?
Mike Jones:I have to say it was good working with Trae Songz. It was fun to work with LeToya Luckett. Everyone had a personal relationship with me to where all of them was fun.

Rizoh: My friends go to Club Ice Age sometimes. How's that doing by the way?
Mike Jones:Oh for real. It's doing good. We finna have the one-year anniversary coming up in July.

Rizoh: Anything you want to say to your fans?
Mike Jones: Hit me up on, it'll come straight to my phone.

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