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Friday, March 16, 2007 

Obama This, Obama That

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I hope Erik Rush, the Double-Stuffed Oreo race-traitor (his own words) who attacked Obama on Faux News, enjoyed his own 10 seconds of fame on Hannity & Colmes because no one outside of Faux News loyalists thinks highly of him.

With all the ridiculous accusations being leveled against Obama, I find it astonishing that the same detractors fail to acknowledge the fact that America's in a changing era. Look at all the early Presidential front-runners: Rudy Giuliani (first Italian-American president?), Hilary Clinton (first woman President?) , Mitt Romney (first Mormon President?), and Barack Obama (first Black President?). They all represent the face of a changing America. So, how come Obama has caught way more flack for his race than his fellow Presidential hopefuls? I rarely hear anyone saying Clinton doesn't stand a chance because she's a woman, or that Giuliani is not white enough.


Pundits are quick to make references to Hilary's pro-war vote, Giuliani's support for civil unions, Romney's support for "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military. But no one's making an argument about Obama's position (or lack thereof) on social issues.

Oh, never mind. That's not important. Who cares? He's not black enough. He's too black. That's the bottom line.

With the exception of his troop pull-out proposal, Obama has been remarkably non-committal to most issues. (A political tactic, perhaps.) Many of his supporters don't even know why they're so drawn to him. They don't know much beyond his palpable charisma and Bill Clinton-esque eloquence. Unfortunately, his detractors don't know much about him either. So they resort to bigger issues like...

*drumroll* "He's a cigarette smoker!"

*drumroll* "He's avoiding Louis Farrakhan!"

*drumroll* "He's articulate!!"

Next time conservative talking-head Erik Rush decides to rail against Obama for being a "separatist," he needs to look in the mirror and ask himself whether his own views might, in fact, polarize an already-isolated Black community.

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