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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 

Outtakes from Red Gone Wild: Thee Interview

As I pointed out in the Red Gone Wild: Thee Interview, it took Red over four minutes to decide on his all-star team of MCs. I ended up having to compress his answer for the sake of space and presentation. What follows is one of the most hilarious responses I've ever witnessed in an interview. Here's his full, unedited response to that one question:

Rizoh: If you could pick 5 MCs on a starter team, who would you pick?

Redman: What, 5 MCs? Haha! My boy Runt Dog from Jersey...I mean, I gotta pick rappers that's known, right?

Rizoh: Doesn't matter as long as you deem them competent enough to be on your team.

Redman: Ok, it'll be me, my boy Runt Dog, Ready Roc. [Pauses] No, it'll be me, Runt Dog, Supernatural, Erick Sermon...You know what, I ain't gon' say names y'all don't know, cause nobody knows my boy Runt Dog yet, but he's hot. It'll be me, Supernatural, uh...Erick Sermon...uh, um. Aw man, this is a good f**kin question. Damn I love f**kin good questions. Me, Supernatural, Erick Sermon

Rizoh: Ready Roc?

Redman: It'll be my n***as, but see I wanna make it interesting. If I say Ready Rock, then I gotta say Icadon, I gotta say my whole crew. I can't do that, I'm a boss.

That would be me, Supernatural, Erick Sermon, I think...Eminem, then [Pauses again]. Oh you stinking muthaf**ker you! [Laughter] Oh My God! What a good f**kin question.
[More laughter]

Rizoh: I'll let you get off the hook with four.

Redman: Me, Supernatural, Erick Sermon, Eminem, and--oh sh*t

Rizoh: Rakim?

Redman: *Whispers* No I can't say Rakim.

Rizoh: Keith--

Redman: Forget about it. KRS-One! Me, Supernatural, Erick Sermon, Eminem, and KRS-One.

Now, let me ask you this: If you had to form a team of 5 MCs for a contest, who would be on your team?

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