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Monday, November 27, 2006 

Bun B: I Never Said "F*ck BET"

I love Bun to death (no Mark Foley), but this story doesn't add up. Someone help me out here:

HHNLive: What's up with this whole "F*ck BET" campaign appearing on your Myspace page?
Bun B: I wasn't controlling that page at all up until 2 months ago. I have some control of it now but it's some kid that runs it. The campaign wasn't started by me. People think it's actually Bun B running the page but it's not. I've heard that sometimes the kid pretends to be me.

Bun went on to say "I'm a songwriter and I do my job and I'm not knockin' anyone for doing there's but these Internet sites need to fact check before they print bullshit...gotta be very careful and fact check".

HHNLive: What are your thoughts on Hip-Hop coverage online?

Bun: I love the's people just tryin' to get their message out...just gotta get the facts right. (Full story:
Update: Some of you may have noticed that I pulled this story minutes after it was published. I had to. Out of the respect I have for Bun B and UGK. After receiving several emails from "reliable sources" I realized that there was plenty BS involved and someone must have been lying somewhere.

Anyhow, Bun B spoke to Eskay earlier today and denounced the anti-BET comments. More importantly, he has no recollection of the much-talked about interview with

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